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As you all might be knowing the 5g spectrum allocation in India has been done recently and Airtel also has actually purchased quite a bit of bandwidth for 5g. In fact, they acquired about 19,867.8 megahertz of 5g spectrum for approximately 43 thousand eighty four crores in India. And in this blog I’ll be discussing about some of the possibilities of 5g that it will provide in India. And viewers, this blog was written by collecting information from our sources in Karnataka, and we have some insights that I came to know about how Airtel company will bring this 5g revolution in India.

 In terms of 5g spectrum allocation, Airtel has bagged the spectrum on 900 megahertz, 1800 megahertz, 2100 megahertz and 3300 megahertz and even 26 gigahertz frequency bands to provide great 5g coverage across India. Even prior to this allocation of 5g bands, Airtel has been actually testing the 5g and have done some trial demos in India. In fact, most of the digital content creators were invited for one of the demos that they did lately. I have given the link of a video which Airtel uploaded before some days, they showcased what could be done with the 5g. It’s not just about speeds, it actually enables us to do a lot of new things that were simply not possible. In fact, watch this video by clicking onto the link provided below, so that you can get an idea.

As I said before it’s not just about this fast speeds with 5g. Yes, of course, you will have that internet with incredible speed but 5g also has very low latency. And because of this 5g can actually provide new types of experiences that were not possible with existing networks. In fact, some days ago I watched the video that Airtel made for the Indian cricket legend Kapil Dev, for recreation of his 1984 match which was not telecasted due to some problem at that time, and they could actually project his image in real time with holographic images. Actually, this brings us to a lot of new possibilities that can be done with actually 5g. It is a very interesting video. Again, I’ll leave the link for this video below.  Because of this technology, what could be done is that real, like just imagine you are in one place physically, but you can be projected virtually in another space, is not it incredible, that is now possible because of the 5g. 

So 5g will bring out new innovations and new types of interaction for not only business but for entertainment purposes. 5g network technology opens a lot of new things that were not possible till this day. It’s not just about speeds as I mentioned earlier but also I feel for virtual reality, the 5g will be a great boon. We were just starting with the virtual reality technologies, but now 5g will give it a kick start.

 And in fact, also for gaming, I feel cloud gaming and virtual gaming will become a reality. In future there will be no need of having all your games on your smartphone loaded, you can just stream it like what you’re doing with Netflix, with the speeds and latency of 5g that will also be possible. To give you an idea. Imagine the internet that we had about 20 years ago with dial up internet connections, the experiences that we had there were slow. But with even 4g, just about six, seven years ago, you have seen a revolution in the Internet and the amount of apps and services that we have because of 4g. Now 5g will give it a quick boost. 

 5g is not only faster because, of the low latency guys will have these real time experiences, which was  not possible with the existing technologies. So I can’t wait to see what developers other companies do with 5g and I think this is a new era that we are getting into. So I can’t wait to experience that and I’m just waiting to experience 5g for myself and can’t wait to see when it will actually rolls out 5g services and what I will get to do. There are some interesting videos that I found that it’ll make to give you an idea of what can be done with this 5g experiences. So I’ll leave the links for those below so that you can check it out. Anyways guys, what do you feel about 5g? Are you guys excited or not? Do let me know.

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