ANDROID 13 – New amazing features, releasing date & more


Android 13 is here, so what’s new, what are the new features and changes? Let me explain all about it in this blog. This is going to be a small blog with lots of information.

 This blog is written on my experience using my colleague’s the Google Pixel 6 running on Android 13 developer preview one and if you look at the image above on this phone in the About phone option actually there’s no mention of Android 13 anywhere instead it’s called tiramisu here as you can see, so maybe Google is just going back to desert names or perhaps it’s just an internal name. 


When the Android 13 release is the curious question actually, well we are looking at a beta release sometime in April 2022 and the stable release should arrive in August 2022.


Let’s start with the visual changes first.

Android 12 brought the whole material ud vamp and Android 13 kind of builds upon that. The first thing I noticed was the new quick settings toggles, there’s now a toggle to enable and disable the one handed mode quickly and once this is on I can swipe down on the bottom to bring the screen lower.

Another new toggle is color correction, and there’s also a new toggle to quickly scan QR codes. It’s actually disabled by default but I think this will arrive in the future releases because this is pretty handy.

Apart from the quick settings toggles the media player in the notification has gone through some changes instead of the thumbs up and down buttons, It now has the repeat and shuffle instead.

The media output picker UI has also changed, it now shows you the different devices along with the slider to increase or decrease the volume.

The picture and picture mode now has a split screen button, when you are watching a YouTube video in Picture In Picture mode and when you are in a separate app it gets the split screen button that you can just tap to move YouTube into the split screen.

Apart from that I’m not sure if this is new but I noticed it always shows the keyboard option in the app drawer which will open up the keyboard when you open up the app drawer. Lots of other launchers have this so, it’s fine.

Android 13 also includes all of 12’s UI changes like the quick wallpaper picker in the home screen. It also supports themed app icons for third party apps. Now themed app icons are actually good in my personal opinion which look good with the whole dynamic theming feature, they also change when the dark mode is on.

This version of Android is cool, I liked it personally and now the developers just need to supply a monochrome app icon and they will support this themed icons feature.


The guest mode on Android is pretty handy between phones or tablets but, sometimes your guest needs access to more apps other than the stock android apps like Netflix or Disney Hotstar for instance, in Android 13 you can just go to the multiple user settings and then go to guest and then you can install the applications available in your account in the guest mode.

One thing to note is that the guest won’t share your data or account details so the guest will need to sign into their accounts in the apps.


You know how IOS makes sure that apps don’t get access to all of your files, just the files you choose, well Google is bringing that with Android 13. 

When you are uploading a picture on an app, it asks for access to all the files and media that’s changing with this new version of Android and this is how it’s going to work. This works in the same way when sharing documents or any other files.


There’s also a number of performance improvements and under  the hood improvements in Android 13 but I think we’ll get a better idea once the stable release arrives, so we must wait for that.


A lot of people want their system phone language to be English but they want to use some of their apps in their own regional language, well Android 13 will let you change languages on a per app basis so, rather than apps having their own language settings Android 13 will have its own app languages page.

You get to see this option in developer option, as you can see in this above picture, you’ll be able to go to app languages and change the language on a per app basis. This is useful in countries like India with so many languages.


System navigation

Android 13 brings some more interesting features here and there, for example if you still use the navigation buttons on your smartphone, you can now disabled the long press on the home button to access Google assistant.

I know how annoying it was to activate the Google assistant by mistake by pressing down on the home button, so now it’s good to have this feature.

Quick tap to start actions

The quick tap feature AKA the double tap on  the back now supports flashlight, so now you can double tap on the back to turn on the torch even when the phone is locked.

Vibration and haptics

The silent mode actually silences everything now including the vibration haptic feedback, you can turn on the silent mode and the haptic option is disabled.

Basic Tile Service

Apart from this Android 13 will let apps bring a prompt so that we can add a quick tile for the app.

Privacy dashboard

The privacy dashboard will get an option to show you data from the last week, there’s also a number of tablet specific features, the task bar now supports six apps, lock screen rotation is now enabled on tablets

Anyway those are all the cool new features in Android 13’s first developer preview and it’s clear that this does not bring a huge revamp because Android 12 already brought that, but yeah this is good and hopefully we’ll see more features in the coming releases. 


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