This blog is for the people who love playing Call of Duty Mobile. I am also a huge fan of this amazing game and most of us love playing this over Pubg and BGMI. As you guys know this game is developed by Infinity Ward. The game is developed in such a way that the person who is playing it gets involved in the game and the smoothness of the game is completely dependent on your phone’s specifications.

Recently most of my viewers and friends were complaining about the network issue or the connection failure on the Call of Duty Mobile game. This issue is usually found while opening the game. If your internet connection or WiFi connection speed is very slow, this issue is obvious, but when your internet speeds are perfectly fine and other apps are perfectly processing this may be a problem with the game itself. 

The game actually requires a speed internet access to load and as it is a huge game with great graphics, it is obvious that your internet connection must be at least 200KB per second, otherwise the game may show network error notification and come back to the home screen of your phone.

If you are okay with the internet speed but still the game is not opening then it’s the issue with your game.

Here are some simple steps to solve this issue.

Enable & disable the Flight mode or Restart your mobile data connection.

Generally what happens is sometimes our phone’s network gets stuck or there may be some issues with signals that reach your phone. This may slowdown your mobile data speed. It’s very simple just to put your phone on flight mode, disabling it after a couple of seconds or just turn off your phone’s internet and enable it. This may work sometimes.

Clear Game’s cache data.

Sometimes game’s with accumulated cache data may cause this problem. It is a simple process to do this.

  • Long press on the Game’s icon on the home screen.
  • Click onto the app info.
  • Click on App data.
  • Please note that you are not supposed to Clear game data ( all data ). Clear only cache data.

Reinstall the game.

If these two steps mentioned above do not work, then the issue may be serious. Report the bug to the developer, so that they fix the problem and this may help others too. 

If nothing is working or if you are unable to open the game In Spite of clearing cache then reinstall the game from Google Playstore. Note that installing the game from any other sources other than google Play Store may cause harm to your device.

Restart the Device.

Sometimes internet speed could be proper, games could be properly functioning when connected to Wifi network but it shows error whenever it is connected to your mobile’s internet connection. This may occur due to many reasons. But the particular reason for this issue is unknown. Restart your device and then try to open the game.

These are some of the simple steps or processes to set your issue right. If you love playing Call of Duty Mobile, if you resolved your issue with help of this blog, Share it with those who are facing the same issue.

Turn off gaming mode

Your smartphone companies advertise the gaming mode or gaming turbo that they provide in their smartphones. Companies say that enabling these boosts your gameing performance and gives you better smoothness while playing but, in reality this may be the cause for the error that you are facing. Gaming modes have several options which you may choose wrong or just slowdown your internet connection by utilising it for the gaming mode software or app. 

So it’s better to disable them, These are all gimmicks that companies use to attract the customers I would say.


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