FULL REVIEW OF MOTOROLA EDGE 20 PRO 5G – 15 days of user experience shared.


A 108 MP camera on a Midrange Motorola Smartphone? How about a 144 Hz OLED screen? Sure, why not, Lenevo said, and thus the Motorola Edge 20 pro was launched. That’s an obvious oversimplification, but we’d be remiss not to mention this phone’s two main differentiating features right from the get-go.

Otherwise, it’s a package of small improvements compared to its direct predecessor, the Motorola Edge 20, which are all welcome of course, but the camera bump (pun definitely intended) serves two purposes. First, people like big numbers on spec sheets, and this one is, at least for the time being, as big as it gets. Second, the sheer fact that such a big main sensor was put in this device is probably also intended to signify that Motorola is finally taking camera image quality more seriously than before. That’s a welcome development in our Choice.

There are many other mid-rangers with 108 MP cameras around, and in fact, the first-ever phone to have such a sensor (although not the same one) was the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, which is also a mid-ranger. So it’s not so much a tale of “this is the first-ever mid-ranger to include such a camera”, or “108 MP cameras have now made their way down to the mid-range”, but the focus should be on how much more mainstream the Motorola Edge series is compared to anything else.

Over the past few years it’s been the primary driver of sales for Motorola (and Lenovo overall), so whenever a big change happens here, it’s significant because it means any such new feature is going to be used by a ton of people. That’s also the case for the 144 Hz OLED screen, and this one was previously a staple of the high-end realm, and it’s now finally arriving on more affordable devices like this one. This is a very good improvement by Motorola i would say.

The Motorola Edge 20 pro seems, at least on paper, to be a worthy successor to the Motorola Edge 20 which is also a very good budget smartphone, and we were anxious to see how the experience of using it would differ. If you’re curious too, then buckle in for the next few points as we explore what it was like to live with this device day-in, day-out for an extended period of time.



Motorola phones are provided with a clean UI, near to stock Android. This provides a clean look for the phone. There is no unwanted ads or any sort of waste apps prw installed in the phone. Yes, some Motorola apps are preinstalled but they can’t be considered as junk or waste, because they are useful for customisation of your Motorola device. Motorola Edge 20 pro is overall a good phone with very good interesting specs.

Other smartphone brands like Mi, Realme, Oppo Vivo provide the user many options to customize their phones bit in case of Motorola you can’t entirely customise your phone as you want.

Motorola is also good but MOTO doesn’t enjoy the same developer community support.

You can get great EU ROMS for people in Europe which are arguably better than global ROM.


Gcam and other development will be better on MIUI.

QUALCOMM SNAPDRAGON 870 5G is a very strong processor which balances the phone’s performance easily and it boots your gaming performance as a rocket

Yes, Snapdragon 870 processor is weaker than Snapdragon 888 but at this price range of £649 this processor does it’s work very well.

Full gaming support is available with Snapdragon 870. The Edge 20 pro being a mid-range smartphone, some games might not be updated for that processor in the upcoming days but we are not precisely sure about this. So you might see locked modes in games like PUBG, BGMI even though the GPU is good enough.


Don’t buy this phone if you want a better phone with still good camera’s, and battery life. We can’t say that the processor isn’t worth it for this price range because this is a very good processor at this price range. – Some online smartphone reviewers had a terrible experience with it and had to return it. The issues were: phone was laggy as hell at 144hz to the point it was pointless (also was a power hog), wifi reception was very weak and it was not much better with data, when gaming or in when used in sunlight the phone was overheating, after 10 days of use one of pixels on the screen git stuck and couldn’t be repaired using the programs or videos.

Many other phones are available in the market at this price range. Check these phones out at the same price range.



  • IQOO 7 5G



  • Mi 10T 5G

These are some of the phone’s at the same price range of Motorola Edge 20 pro. You can check these out if you don’t wanna buy the Edge 20 pro. Click on the below button to view our blog on ultimate Review of Motorola Edge 20 Pro👇


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