Google’s pixel 7 is one of the most affordable flagship phones out there in 2022, great build quality and one of the very best camera experiences of any blower out there, but if you’ve got a fair bit of cash stuffed in your mattress and you want to go supersized well the pixel seven pro may be a seriously enticing upgrade. These pixel phones are shiny and big and I’ve been using the pair of them extensively from past month and I’ve briefed my thoughts on these flagships and here is the in depth review of the Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro. 


The one I’m most drawn to personally is the refreshingly compact 6.3 inch Pixel 7, seriously this phone feels better in the hand and an ice cold pint on a red hot roast nevertheless it’s still not as pleasing as the Asus Zenfone 9. Zenfone was still more compact and it feels really good in hand and ofcourse it fits perfectly in the pant pockets. 

The Pixel 7 Pro does seem like it’s been unnecessarily oversized, but you will be comfortable using it with both of your hands, but of course some people like to use the phone in one hand, one with big hands can do that.

Display differences between 7 & 7 Pro

Both of these phones do not have the similar display, you’ll be getting yourself a gorgeous OLED screen, a 6.3 inch or for the regular pixel seven and 6.7 inches on the mighty Pro. To make up for the biggest size, Google has bumped up the maximum resolution on the protocol HD plus versus the full HD plus visuals on the Pixel 7, if you stick them side by side and use, you’ll get sharp, finely detailed visuals on both with no discernible difference.

 In addition to that as one would expect from flagship devices, you’ve got full HDR support and streaming compatible movies or series. And they’re also more than bright enough to comfortably use outdoors. 

On the regular pixel 7 you get a flat display which is a AMOLED with 90 Hz refresh rate which might not look good to some folks because having a 90Hz display on a premium phones does hurt . In comparison to this regular model, the Pro model has a LTPO AMOLED curved display, a display with 120Hz refresh rate that gently slopes around those edges for even skinnier bezels. Both phones display brightness goes upto 1500 nits.


The regular Pixel 7 comes with a choice of three colors: obsidian, snort and lemongrass which roughly translated means black, white, and yellow. 

If you want the pro version instead, you could once again opt for white or black. 

While that lemongrass finish is swapped out for free media, personally I liked the look of white Pixel 7 compared with the black Pixel 7 pro. 

The black colour looks very sleek and all but greasy fingerprints have absolutely nowhere to hide on this thing.

Build quality 

The Pixel 7 series phones looks really cool and I could feel the premium build quality and definitely this has made up of good quality material, these phones are more refined than the previous generation.

These have got Gorilla Glass Victus up front for that to split and also around the back end as well. And then sandwiched in between them as a metal frame. The actual frame still looks perfectly fresh on both Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 pro. Unfortunately, I observed the backend, the front end of the Pixel 7 pro had picked up some light scratches, while I was using it casually. But after just a month of use, somehow the Pixel 7 is still looked box fresh, there was not a single scratch on it that I could observe.

Certainly I think that’s probably more done to look than anything else though as it is constructed from the same stuff as the Pro. So if I were you whichever one you get, I would say stick on a screen protector and slap on some sort of cover or case as well.

Specifications & Performance 

If we look at the specifications, unlike most flagship smartphones, you have got full IP68 water and dust resistance. So no worries if you want to do a bit of doom scrolling in the shower or whatever.

 Android 13 may not be a jaw dropping evolution of Android 12 but the new Android 13 comes with a bunch of new features. The whip prediction tool whenever you call an always hundreds style toll free number isn’t even available here in the India is one of the best thing you can experience. 

The minor gripes include no microSD memory card slot to expand the 128 or 256 gigs of storage and a single solitary SIM slot, though you do at least get some support on top of that.

 Thankfully, I’ve seen no buggy behavior whatsoever these past couple of weeks. The everyday experience is deeply satisfying and silky smooth to use and the reassurance of at least five years of updates and Google’s usual smart security measures.

Now both the Pixel 7 and the 7 Pro have Google’s tensor G2 chipset stuffed inside at once again a collaboration with Samsung. And this serves up the money G 710 GPU, which is faster and more power efficient than the original tensor GPU. But we are talking about general evolution here just like with Android 13.

Gaming Performance 

And when I first had to play with the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro for my one videos which I shot using the Pro, I found that everything ran beautifully smoothly until I tried booting up Ginseng impact and bumping those graphics ends all the way up to the maximum levels, at which the both devices performed as I expected.

Thankfully, the gaming experience is no longer an issue. The Pixel 7 under Pixel 7 Pro can now run Ginseng Impact on higher settings without making a big mess. Also Google’s game dashboard is back in action here offering a small selection of useful features, or there’ll be optimization tool is next to useless there’s only around a dozen titles are actually supported by this right now.

Fingerprint sensor 

The optical fingerprint sensor on both pixel seven phones is world’s better than the heap of bollocks that Google made on the Pixel 6 series phones. The fingerprint scanner works perfectly fine but kind of sometimes struggles if your hands are particularly moist, but otherwise it’s all good. And there’s also face unlock which you can use as a backup option which may not work very well particularly low light.

However, remember that the face recognition can’t be used to sign into apps or to authorize payments either for like, you will have to use your digit. 

Bluetooth compactiblity

On both models the Bluetooth 5.2 works perfectly, there is no headphone jack on either of the Pixel 7’s.

Network connectivity 

Talking about cellular connection, you’ve got WiFi 802.11 support and 5g connectivity as well and no issues on a network.

Battery Life & Charging Speed 

I had no big expectations on battery life of flagships but these phone’s have not impressed me in case of their battery life, on either of these smartphones, when I first started test I was curious about the battery life, you’ve got a 4255 mAh power capacity here on the regular Pixel 7, that is boosted considerably to a 5000 milliamp hour one on the Pixel 7 Pro.

But of course to counter this, the Pixel 7 Pro also has to power a bigger sharper display. And I was struggling to get a full day of battery life out of both of these phones when I first started using them over a month ago. But thankfully about a week or so into my testing period, I found that that battery life did improve considerably, helped along by a couple of little updates that Google has done in the meantime. 

So these days, I am getting roughly six hours of full on screen on time with mixed use with both of these smartphones. But, a bit of camera player, lots of media streaming that are given on the site occasionally as well. So I haven’t actually made it to the end of the day and been running on complete day, I usually have at least 10 to 15% left in the tank by the time I collapse into bed and when it’s time to power them back up again.

 Well, these phone’s support 30 Watts but it’s charging  speed is not the fastest compared to the phones which you get in this price point. 

Certainly pretty standard for a smartphone that hasn’t come out of China and they bought support wireless charging as well if you got a good old wireless charging pad now last up the optics and  for both the Pixel 7 on that 7 pro sports 50 meg Octa PD quad via camera with optical image stabilization. In other words, it’s the same sensor tech as last year’s pixel SIX series and I would say it’s my disappointment that there’s no hardware upgrade

 CAMERA & it’s performance 

The Pixel 7 pair has the best point and shoot camera performance compared to any other phones. This cameras can give competition to iPhone cameras too. If you want to know the Pixel phones swift shutter speed, you can capture loads of photos in quick succession and make sure you nail those blinking, you may miss some moments complicated shots tend to be strong contrast on a problem either, especially using Google’s handy on screen brightness sliders, even if the line is full on, you won’t see much saturation and colors will appear natural. 

Google’s night vision mode can be automatically activated by the phone whenever the lighting is CAC and I would recommend not play with that particular setting as it makes a real difference essentially allowing you to see in the dark. 

Both Pixel 7 series smartphones offer an alternative 12 megapixel ultra wide angle shooter and wild colors aren’t quite as realistic with this option. It is there if you want to fit more into the frame. 

Now when it comes to that camera tech, the major advantage is that the Pixel 7 Pro has over its regular sibling is the fact that it’s got a 48 megapixel telephoto lens on there with five times optical zoom that’s bolstered by a bit of optical image stabilization just like the primary shoots and it’s an option that’s just straight up cut out of the regular Pixel 7.

My experience while capturing photos

When you’re capturing a photo between 2.5 times and five times zoom levels, you’ll end up with a hybrid photo stitch together from images taken with the primary and the telephoto sensors, means pleasingly crisp detail and no compromises. And when you’re pushing over the five times zoom level, it’s telephoto.

 I’ve got to say even most of the way up to the 30 times zoom cap, I got some bloody good results. This is easily one of the best telephoto shooters that I’ve ever tested, perfect for snapping kids, pets, anything that you don’t want to disturb for natural looking images.

Low lightning conditions 

 Even in very low light, it doesn’t fall apart producing quite crisp results with help from that stabilization. I gotta admit, I really missed that telephoto option that whenever I was just snapping away with the regular pixel seven.

And again, these pixels do a great job with minimal effort. You don’t have a near key option but my test clips were crisp and detailed enough to enjoy on a tiny screen, with detail levels only really dropping when the lighting became more problematic. 

Dark colors are again easily captured and you can swap between all of the lenses as you record. Although color accuracy does take a hit when you’re away from that primary sensor. The telephoto lens on the Pixel 7 Pro is particularly impressive in low light, while the optical image stabilization once again counters any vicious hand switch caused by a few too many surprisingly strong loggers.

Cinematic mode and Micro shots 

The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro comes with a cinematic mode like Samsung’s portrait video mode with best styles. If your subject moves at all the pixel easily loses track and goes a bit berserk.

So for now just avoid likewise all abortions stuff which can add fake motion blur or mimic a long exposure shots is all care but it can be quite chunky and frankly, feels a bit gimmicky and I imagine most people wouldn’t even bother touching it.

 If you get yourself the Pixel 7 Pro where you’ll also find you’ve got a macro mode onboard. This can automatically activate whenever you get really really close up to something we’re talking about, like a couple of centimeters away. 

What it does is it automatically switches to the ultra wide angle shooter? On the Pro the autofocus is unlike the regular Pixel 7, hence you don’t get that macro mode here but, the results aren’t bad at all. Still I prefer to just take high resolution images on phones with massive camera sensors and then simply crop in as you don’t have any stress from shadows or other issues. 

One of the other new highlights of taking photos on these Pixel phones is the photo background blur feature. To be honest, I really didn’t have to use very often at all because it’s very rare to get a blurry shot on these two. 

I gotta admit I’m still not convinced, it can help a little bit with blur, but it’s not quite the miracle tool that some are making it out to be. It’s certainly not as immediately valuable and impressive as Google’s tool which wipes out any background stragglers effectively eliminating them from existence but hopefully over time with a good bit of machine learning or whatever. 

And that is my full final frank review of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 pro, after using them for just over a month and I gotta say, I felt great using the regular Pixel 7 because I love the more compact handfeel, but the Pixel 7 Pro has a bloody awesome telephoto shooter which I adore so much. Aside from that they are equally awesome great battery life pretty decent performance not the best out there but certainly good enough even if you want to do a good bit of gaming.

 Refined design, exceptional camera tech and just all around great software as well, so let me know are you tempted by the Pixel 7 other pixel seven Pro? Have you been using one of these as your full time smartphone? I would feel great to hear from you down in the comments. Share this blog to your loved ones and for more on the latest and greatest tech follow us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

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