How to Use the 5G network in India on any of your 5g phone RIGHT NOW!


A lot of people don’t know that you can actually use 5g in India right now. I’ve tried it. It’s awesome. And I’m going to show you how you can use 5g in India right now. Now, first of all, there’s something really important that I want to mention: you don’t need a new SIM card to use 5g. You don’t need a new 5g plan to use 5g.

 So if you’re getting the SMSs, or calls asking you to make any payments, or share an OTP to maybe upgrade your plan to 5g or maybe upgrade your Sim to 5g Don’t fall for that these are obviously scams, all you need is a 5g phone. And if you have one, here’s how you can enable 5g.


 If you have a 5g phone by default, it’s set to 4g, you need to change that first, all you need to do is go to settings and go to mobile network then go to Sim settings and find this option preferred network type and choose 5g.

This will be set to 4g by default. Now if you are in a 5g area, you should get the 5g icon here in the network bar. This worked for me, but if 5g does not appear, you can try restarting your phone, or you can force your phone to look for only the 5g network.


You can try installing the third party apps which are available on the Playstore or App Store which opens up the page in which you can just change the preferred network settings to nr only which will only search for 5g networks.

I personally used the app named “Force LTE Only(4G/5G)

 I won’t strongly recommend this though, because this will set the phone to 5g only and it will not connect to LTE as well. Now until 5g is available for everyone, there is this option to check if your phone is 5g enabled. 

Check if your phone supports 5g in Airtel Thanks & My Jio applications

This application checks if there is 5g in your city and if a phone is 5g and if you have 5g software, as well. 

As for Jio, you have to tap on this banner in the MyJio app and wait for the Jio 5g Invite to start using it.

Why can’t you find a 5g option in your smartphone? 

 Some of you might not be able to see the 5g option in your phone. And there’s two reasons for that. 

  • First check if your phone is 5g or not. This can be done by checking your phone specifications.
  • Second, if your phone is in the list, and you still don’t see the 5g option, don’t worry some brands are yet to push out a 5g update to enable 5g on some smartphones. 

5g status on Motorola and Samsung phones

Some Motorola and Samsung phones are 5g enabled but for phones that don’t have the option. Motorola and Samsung have confirmed the 5g update for November.

5g status on Apple and Google Flagships 

Apple and Google have confirmed it for December and 5g phones from other brands between me Xiaomi vivo mostly have the 5g option enabled already. 

Truth about 5g in India

 Airtel and Jio have rolled out 5g In a few cities in India, these are the cities eight and 5g plus is available in and these are the cities where Jio 5g is available and the coverage is limited right now.

Airtel has promised full 5g coverage in India by 2024 and Jio by 2023. And anyway if you live in one of these 5g supported cities, the next step is to see where you can find 5g coverage.

Using Ookla for testing the 5g speed 

The easiest way to do so is by using the speakers by ookla where you can just go to the map tab to see the network coverage in your area. As I heard from some people, 5g coverage with a decent speed is available in Siliguri.

IN OOKLA application, if you just zoom into your location and find blue squares to see 5g coverage near your location, it’s easy. 

My experience with 5g in Bengaluru 

So I went to different locations in Bengaluru to try out 5g. I went  to Nagawara on the Outer Ring Road here in Bengaluru and the speeds were good. The download speeds were close to 350 Mbps and the upload speed was also very good close to 100 Mbps.

 I also went to a place in North Bengaluru, a pretty central location and we got even better speeds. The download speeds were almost 600 Mbps and even the upload speed was good at almost 90 Mbps. That is insanely fast compared to real world 4g speeds. 

4g Vs 5g speeds

To give you an idea the average download speeds with 4g in India is around 10 Mbps. I even did the speed test on multiple phones at the same location. The Samsung galaxy S22 or Iqoo 9 and Oneplus 10 Pro and the download speeds were similar somewhere between 400 to 500 Mbps. I went to a lot more locations, we went to Electronic City and we found no 5g, I went to Majestic metro station and where the blue square showed up. I also went to UB CITY and I found no 5g coverage. In fact, I was right next to the tower, but there was only 4g. 

The blue squares in the speed test Ookla gives you an idea of where you can find 5g. But it’s still very early days so it can be hit or miss. Right now I know a lot of you guys are going to FOMO about 5g. “I want to access 5g on my phone” . “5g is not coming to my phone”. Look, It’s alright, if you ask me. Everyone’s hyped up about 5g right now. But soon I think people will start criticizing it. I say that because the biggest takeaway from my 5g experience is that it eats up data very very quickly. And that means plans that eat up data to 1.52 GB per day will kind of become useless and that means you’ll have to buy more expensive plants and that will put a dent in your pocket.

 So 5g is good. It’s incredible. The speeds are great, but it has a catch to it. At least for now.

 I want to know from you guys, are you okay with 4g speeds or you want the fast 5g speeds but at a higher cost? Comment down below also if you’ve tried 5g Comment down below your experience with it. And yeah, share this blog to your friends who are hyped about 5g and make sure that everyone can start trying out 5g based on their data plans. Thanks for reading.

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