How To Watch IPL 2021 Live For Free – 100% Working Trick


Indian Premier League is a craze in today’s date, most of us in India love to watch IPL tournament as we see our favourite cricketers hitting the ball to the boundary. Due to COVID-19 the tournament was paused in the middle and all the true cricket fans were disappointed with the decision of the BCCI, but the steps which they took were in order to safeguard the players from the infection of COVID.

Finally yesterday on 19 th September 2021, the tournament was resumed but the venue of the tournament was shifted from India to Dubai.

We as huge fans of this tournament love to watch our favourite players playing, but to do that we’ll have to pay some amount of money in order to stream it live on your smartphone or your TV.

As we all know IPL Live is streamed on Disney Hotstar VIP, it costs nearly around ₹199/month and ₹499/year to get a subscription. Yes most of us can’t afford to pay for such subscriptions to watch only one cricket tournament (IPL) which is only played once in a year between a couple of months.

Most of you who are reading this blog are in search of some app or website through which you could stream IPL live matches for free. Yes, this is the right place where you have come. In this blog I’m providing a app link through which you will be able to watch your favourite IPL TOURNAMENT for free

There are many alternatives apps for Disney Hotstar where you will be able to stream IPL Live for free but, the problem is those apps don’t provide you a smooth video streaming as you prefer. There will be a lot of buffering and maybe there will be lots of advertisements and bugs in the apps as well. Using such apps may irritate you.

Here in this very blog the link of the app which I am providing you guys is an infamous (very few people know about the existence of this app) video streaming app where you can watch movies (ENGLISH & HINDI) as well as you can watch Live TV channels and IPL Live too without any lag or buffering (it may buffer if your network connectivity is slow) The name of the app is PIKASHOW.


  • The app size is just 11.1MB
  • In PIKASHOW you can watch IPL live in 480p, 720p as well as in 1080p resolutions. You can set the resolution depending on your network speed and internet usage.
  • The commentary languages available are English, Hindi.
  • This app uses low data to stream videos. This app saves data compared to other live streaming apps.


  • Click on the Download button given below.
  • Clicking this button takes you to the google drive link which is created by
  • Download the app


NOTE – If any of the below provided websites doesn’t open, use VPN and try to open it. Once the installation is done there is no need for a VPN to stream the content.






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