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Apple has provided 12MP sensors for the main cameras of its smartphones for the better part of a decade now. This is finally going to change with the iPhone 14 Pro series, as Cupertino, which is famous as the home of high-tech giant Apple Inc, is aiming to provide a 48 Megapixel sensor behind the main shooter camera. According to our sources Apple company is looking forward to introducing a 48 MP camera in iPhone 14 Pro, periscope which is scheduled to be launched in 2023.

HOW’S THE iPhone 14’s Camera Setup?

Though the camera, which is going to be installed with 48MP sensors, will still output 12MP images after pixel-binning and other stuff, the plus point here is this powerful iPhone allows more data to be gathered for computational photography. It sounds soothing right? 

Kuo stated that Apple might add a “48MP” feature that takes pictures in 48-megapixel resolution for when total resolved detail is key. This is doubtful according to me but we have to wait and hope.

The company will then move to introduce another widely used smartphone tech – the periscope lens. It will make its way to the iPhone 15 series, scheduled to arrive in 2023.

Sadly, our analyst does not have any more info on the matter. Right now, the telephoto camera of the latest high end flagship iPhone 13 Pro Max caps out at 3x, but anything longer wouldn’t fit in a modern slim 

smartphone without the use of folded optics.


Apple had bought Intel’s modem business earlier this year(2021) in an attempt to develop another piece of its hardware in-house without being dependent on partners and their pace of research and development. There’s still a lot of work to be done until that happens though as an inside source revealed that Apple’s own 5G modem is not coming to iPhones before 2022.


Most of us don’t know the fact that the current chipset supplier for Apple is Qualcomm, and according to my knowledge the San Diego chip manufacturer has promised it will deliver 5G modems for the upcoming iPhones. However, given the rough year both companies had, fighting in court over licenses and malpractices, Apple wanted to continue on its own. It started its own Research and Development team for RF modems and chips, which, not coincidentally, is based in the same Californian city as Qualcomm’s HQ – San Diego.

However, the source revealed that 2022 is the optimistic target. Even if the fabrication of the chipset is done in time, there should be given time for testing, certification, optimization to ensure compliance with global standards, as well as the domestic Federal Communication Commission.

Will Apple design their own chipset for new iPhones

Most of them say that the big boy Apple plans to build its own 5G modem in 2022 iPhones

Apple mainly wants to have an integrated 5G modem in the SoC to lower the power consumption, although the source says Cupertino is more likely to create both components separately for the upcoming 2022 iPhone, while an integrated platform will perhaps arrive in 2023, despite the star acquisition that Apple made – it snatched Esin Terzioglu from Qualcomm, where he was VP of Engineering.

Apple chipset Vs others

Link of a blog which briefs your about this topic

Apple plans to build its own 5G modem in 2022 iPhones

For the sake of comparison, Samsung confirmed that the Exynos 980 with integrated 5G modem should appear in smartphones by the end of the year 2021, but we haven’t seen that yet I believe while Huawei is already selling the beast smartphones like Mate 30 5G and Mate 30 Pro 5G with an integrated Kirin 990 5G chipset which are known for their exceptional performances.


The pricing of iPhone 14 series may vary a bit from this year’s flagship iPhone 13 series. The price of the base variant will be around ₹80,000 and the price of the higher end variant will be priced around ₹180000.

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