MacBook Pro 16″ Good & Bad, it’s price in India


In this blog I am going to share my experience of using the MacBook Pro 16″ and this blog is entirely divided into two parts that is pros and cons. I will be briefing about what I liked about these laptops, the things that stood out actually exceptionally well on this MacBook Pro 16″ and the things that I did not like. This laptop is not useful to everyone because the regular MacBook Air M1 is a really nice laptop for professionals as well as gamers, so I will be discussing about that too.


Screen Quality

I had borrowed this laptop from one of my friend and after using it for two days the things I really liked on this laptop were basically the screen quality, I did not expected the screen quality to be super good because, I am not talking about the screen size, the size of the screen is 16 inches but the quality of the screen what Apple has put is brilliant, one of the best I have seen on the laptop and I have used many other expensive laptops like Lenovo’s Legion, Asus’s ROG and many other windows laptops on the top end, this one is actually having the mini LED backlighting not the regular one, it has the 10,000 mini LED’s divided into 2500 local dimming zones that’s the reason the picture quality is extraordinary on this laptop. Apple calls this the xdr and in fact this is almost the same screen that you could say that is available on the five thousand dollar monitor that Apple has. In India that monitor costs around five and a half to six lakh rupees. The screen refresh rate which we have is 120 Hz Pro, so in browser’s and all you can experience that smoothness while scrolling.

Another thng I loved on this laptop was the true tone display, earlier Apple laptops also had this but, I think it’s done the best on this laptop because, whenever the lighting changes the colour shift that you see based on the lighting is brilliant. The screen quality just blew me away and this has to be one of the best laptop screens that I have ever witnessed.


This laptop has got crazy speakers, because the sound output is great. They are so good that I was worried that while editing one of the video but this can do the job efficiently. In fact it has the decent bass and two sub woofers and I have to say these are the best damn speakers that I have seen on a laptop.

Microphone Quality

If you are a YouTube content creator you know the importance of the microphone quality. The microphone quality on this laptop is amazing, it is as good as the external microphone that some of the YouTubers use for recording their voice while making videos. For some small voiceovers that people have to connect their microphones to their devices, but now the job has been made easy for those who buy this laptop.


The battery life is decent on this laptops as that of any other Mac books that I have used, in the regular usage I got the battery life of 13 to 14 hours and even while doing video rendering, that is a heavy task on final cut pro without being plugged in you can get slightly above 5 hours of actually usage and according to me that is very good. The performance does not get degraded even when the laptops battery goes down and that’s not the case on many windows laptops.


  • The 16″ screen, this is heavy and large for any laptop because it is not easy to carry one while travelling. This laptop literally weighs about 2.1 kilograms.
  • Upgrade costs in India is too expensive, the upgrade options on this laptop is insane, the base variant costs around 2.4 lakhs rupees that is a 16GB ram variant, the upgrade cost from 16GB to 32GB ram is 40,000 rupees.


This laptop is not for 98% of users because, if you are a regular user and you don’t do heavy tasking then the regular Mac Air is more than enough to get the job done. None of the windows laptops come even close in terms of performance. 

As I said before, this laptop is purely for professionals, who make money with the laptop for example it is a tool for you and if you are buying this and if you can recover the cost in four five months then it makes sense for you to buy this laptop. If you are sort of a person who is been using the Apple high end laptops from the very beginning then you should go for is but it’s on you to decide. Specifically these Apple laptops or Macs as you say, if you use any of the native apps that are very well optimised for the m1 silicon for example, if you are using final cut pro, you will just love using this laptops. if you are a premier adobe users, the performance gap that you see from Intel laptop is not that much


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