POCO X4 Pro 5G – Launch date, Price in India, Overview of the phone, camera upgrade & more


Here we are with the POCO X3 PRO’s successor. POCO X3 PRO was an outstanding smartphone which was launched a year ago and people who wanted a best budget best performance smartphone just bought it and most of them were happy with the phone, I too had bought it and I just felt like this phone was worth it.

Poco (Xiaomi) just-announced Poco X4 Pro 5G and it’s being said that the phones have arrived at their Headquarters, so I thought of writing this blog and sharing my thoughts. 

When I enquired with my sources, they provided me with this information.

Box contents

67W fast charging in the box

The phone comes in a stacked box with a good quality case, 67W charger which is fast, USB charging cable, and a plastic screen protector. Interestingly it’s not a spare, as the display comes without a protector.

The X4 Pro 5G is a successor to the X3 Pro, but it’s not a straightforward upgrade, but rather a shift of focus.

Physical Overview

While aspects like the display size, refresh and resolution, or the battery capacity have remained mostly the same as the POCO X3 Pro, vut one major change which they have done is the screen is now a brighter AMOLED panel. 

Providing an AMOLED panel is a great thing in budget range smartphones, it is really great that they have started providing a good quality Amoled panel.

It is being said that the battery charges 70% faster at 41 minutes to 100%, thanks to the move from 33W to 67W (charging at 65W).


In this phone the chipset is a con I would say because, POCO X3 PRO had the legendary snapdragon 860 processor which was well optimised and the performance it provided was incredible. 

The chipset in this phone is a 6nm Snapdragon 695, it’s not as fast as the chipset the X3 Pro had, nevertheless it has a more efficient CPU than last year’s SD860, but a less-powerful GPU and 5g support too.


Apart from the display, it’s the camera that’s gotten the biggest upgrade in the Poco X4 Pro 5G. Up from the 48MP of the X3 Pro, the X4 Pro 5G has a 108MP 1/1.52-inch main sensor that promises much better low light performance, for one. For the people who look for the best performing camera centric smartphone this is a great bid.

 Camera design & Colours

This phone looks attractive and similar to POCO M series phones.

As far as style’s concerned, it’s a choice between a circular camera module and a rectangular one. I personally liked the Poco X4 Pro 5G’s design over X3 Pro’s but would’ve preferred a livelier color, like the Poco Yellow, or at least the Laser Blue.

Expected Price

The Poco X4 Pro 5G will become available globally on March 2 with several discounts. Our sources expect this phone to be launched in a single variant of a 6/128 GB unit at 23 to 24K INR, but it’s being said that there is a 23K INR “early bird” discount for the first sale. 

I don’t think this phone will be launched in a single variant, perhaps it will be launched with two variants as they did with X3 Pro.

Pricing @ masterofphones.in

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