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As smartphone lovers, we all know that the Samsung Galaxy S22 family is one of the most hotly-anticipated launches of 2022, it has been the subject of attention for many prying eyes – after so many rumours and leaks, there are only a few secrets left. The official launch is a few days away, but we already have a pretty clear picture of what to expect from these flagship smartphones. In case you tuned out all the leaks, here it is in brief. 

 The Galaxy S22+ Ultra will keep essentially the same camera hardware as it was last year, but will undergo an almost complete redesign of the exterior that was inspired by the now discontinued Note series smartphones. A word of caution – while different leaks have corroborated the various details, there is still a chance that a few things described here may be wrong. 

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If you don’t have time to read through all the leaks, check out our other blog on the ultimate review of the flagships which was published prior to this blog– In the blog Aaron will walk you through everything we’ve heard about the S22 series, both official and unofficial.


Long story short, the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Samsung Galaxy S22+ will be having the similar or mostly same design as last year’s design (definitely with some improvements to grab attention of the customers) and will focus on upgrading the camera hardware.

 As far as we can tell, the cameras themselves will use the same sensors as last year (plus a new Super Clear Glass lens), though with improved image processing. The phone will be a tad wider and will finish the work on integrating the S Pen that was started last year with the S21 Ultra. The stylus will have a place inside the phone itself, making this a Galaxy Note in all but name.


The Galaxy Ultra will have a rectangular silhouette and Samsung has found a way to remove the chunky camera hump, this could be very convenient for the users because, with that chunky camera bump the phone doesn’t stand still while it’s kept on the flat surface. The back of the smartphone will be mostly flat with only the camera lenses sticking out.

At least the back panel is going back to glass. Also, despite looking the same, the camera bump will house new hardware – 50 MP sensor (GN5) in the main, 12 MP in the ultra wide and a proper telephoto lens with 3x optical magnification and a 10 MP sensor.


The smartphone will make it a bit more compact this time because the Galaxy S22 and S22+ will look mostly the same, though the vanilla model is dropping from a 6.2” screen to a 6.1” diagonal.


The battery is a bit smaller, plus it will be the only one stuck at 25W maximum charging power – the other two go up to 45W. 


The biggest unknowns are the chipsets – we know that they will be a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and an Exynos 2200, the real question is about how they will perform. Early feedback on the Snapdragon is mixed and Samsung is undertaking a massive change by switching from the Mali GPUs it has been using for years to one based on AMD’s RDNA 2 with hardware ray tracing support.


Finally, let’s talk about the pricing, which is also the main part of the blog because , everything is dependent on the price. In European countries, the phones will cost the same as last year. United States prices are up $100 across the board. Note that we’re still not sure what the pre-order goodies will be, but expect some freebies and trade-in deals.

Speaking of pre-orders, those usually last two weeks before open sales begin, however, this year the schedule may be pushed back – The smartphone was launched a couple of days and for further information you can watch the below pinned video.

Watch Geekyranjit’s video on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra for more details.

The below pinned video is one of the best Youtubers of India. Just take a look and you will be clear about most of the things related to this Samsung’s beastly flagships.

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