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Tag: Xiaomi POCO F3 GT 5G

POCO X5 – PRO – Review after a day of throttling usage – Indian price included in the blog.

The brand new Poco X5 Pro,I used this for a day and I found it to be a pretty good device. But there’s one big deal breaker. Actually there’s two deal breakers, one is going to affect you right away and the other one is going to affect you in the long run.  What is […]

How to Use the 5G network in India on any of your 5g phone RIGHT NOW!

A lot of people don’t know that you can actually use 5g in India right now. I’ve tried it. It’s awesome. And I’m going to show you how you can use 5g in India right now. Now, first of all, there’s something really important that I want to mention: you don’t need a new SIM […]

POCO X4 Pro 5G – Launch date, Price in India, Overview of the phone, camera upgrade & more

Here we are with the POCO X3 PRO’s successor. POCO X3 PRO was an outstanding smartphone which was launched a year ago and people who wanted a best budget best performance smartphone just bought it and most of them were happy with the phone, I too had bought it and I just felt like this […]


This blog is all about the new MIUI 13, the changes which have been done to MIUI 13 are most vital when you compare it with MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5.  The updates in the MIUI 13 are minor, not much major changes are noticed, but in some regions you notice some big changes about […]

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