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Samsung’s High End Phones of 2022 – Better than iphones 13 Pro Max? – Are these the best flagships in the Indian Market? –


When it comes to affordable smartphones, Samsung has been the most consistent launching not one but two foldable smartphones every year. And I note Z fold has been the more hyper portable out of the two, but Z flip has always had its own charm. And added a new Z flip has been launched

I thought why not visit a Samsung store here nearby my place and see how it has evolved from the first iteration. So there have been two z flips the Z flip reader launched last year and the first Z flip that launched in 2020. Now I know there was also the Z flip 5g in 2020 which was probably not marketed in India. But that was just a 5g variant aimed at the US market. 

Why did this foldable phone concept attract the customers ?

So we have the two z flips this year too . And I remember back in 2020, it was a bold step from Samsung launching the first leaflet. It was bolstered, but it has gotten popular due to its more compact, more relatable, foldable form factor. Plus it was nostalgic taking us back to the Flip Phone days.

What’s new in this year’s Fold and Flip compared to their ancestors?

 What’s interesting is how much the Z flip has already evolved. And honestly, that has been exciting for the upcoming Z flip phone in the Indian market. I mean, the first flip was already a pretty good Oral Device because it worked really well and had no major problems that one would expect from a first gen fold. But the hinge was fairly solid. The foldable glass display looked really good. And the design was really fancy.

 But I like Samsung improved this design even more with the Z flip Z. It made the original Z flip design slightly more compact and thin. The Z flip had a metal framing metal hinge but Samsung added armor aluminium to the Z flip G’s hinge and frame. 

The hinge was also larger and just more solid. The back was also improved, the Z flip had a glossy Gorilla Glass bag, but the Z flip three brought Gorilla Glass Victus to the back, and his back was more fingerprint resistant. I mean, they’re both glossy and matte finishes. And there were some really cool color options. That’s all because the Z flip was a cool looking phone, but it did not have an IP rating.

 Since we had an IP X eight rating, which meant you could submerge the flipsie up to 1.5 meters in water for 30 minutes. Now that was awesome for a foldable phone. Also the Z flip had one speaker when the Z flip three brought stereo speakers. Another revolution in the Z flip trade a lot of people ignored is how the bases look on the front.

Galaxy Z fold Vs Galaxy Z fold 4

 The Z flip had these thick bezels that kind of jutted out. Yes, this was the first generation flip and this bezel that was part of the frame was probably to make the design more durable. However, the Z flips bezels are more in line with what you expect from a modern day smartphone. I also like how the Z flip freeze frame is not merged with the business. 


Anyway, the Z flip brought a very good Super AMOLED display with the Z flip three bringing higher refresh rate to it making it a more smoother experience. Both the flips had high end AMOLED panels from Samsung that look good, so I’m hoping for the same on the flip flop. Ever since the screen is foldable and both the flips had a self supporting hinge there was very cool Flex mode. 


Samsung apps like the camera app or the gallery app can be divided for better usage. Some third party apps spotted this, for example, YouTube plays a video on the top screen one screen below scissor for things like comments, it’s pretty cool.

 This is also great for video calls because you don’t have to worry about holding the phone. And you can just steal the device as per the angle you want. This also works as a tripod because you can shoot videos hands free, this is all great. And I’m hoping to see Flipboard bring even more functionality to the FlexPod. I mean, Samsung is able to bring an updated one you experience that’s based on Android 12 l which is designed to work better on dual screen devices in foldable devices.

Tiny 1.1 inch Amoled Screen

 I’m looking forward to more software tweaks in the Z flip phone. Apart from the foldable screen, one of the highlights of the Z flip phones has been the cover screen, it was a tiny 1.1 inch AMOLED screen in the first flip, and in the Z flip three, it got bigger and better. I mean the cover screen in the first clip was fine showing you the time and battery notifications music playing. It also showed you the camera preview but all in all, it was too tiny to be useful. 

In the Z flip three, the bigger screen meant you could see notifications you can even scroll to see all the details. And you can also do actions now tested on the bigger cover screen and also have support for widgets like weather calendar, and more. Plus, its camera preview was more handy because of the bigger screen. 

The big screen was a good improvement. But with Z four I’m expecting more widgets and more apps to work better with this cover screen. 

Chipset & battery 

Now apart from all this the Z flip three and the Z flip had all the latest specs. The Z flip came with a Snapdragon 855 plus the Z three 5g came with the Snapdragon 865 Plus and the Z flip three came with the Snapdragon 888. The Z four  comes with the latest 8 plus gen one chipset and a big battery this time, which is something a lot of people wanted. 


The cameras have also remained the same and the gap performance has been good in the flips but yeah, and upgrade is due to the galaxy fold phones are super exciting. And I’m all hyped up for the next fold. But I’m more excited for the flip because you can see the enormous r&d that has gone behind the Z flip phones. I mean the improvements from the Z flip to the Z flip three make me super excited about the upcoming Z flip four

 I’m just hoping they’re more improvements like better battery life and more software features will give these phones an advantage.


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