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Top 8 Best Smartphones Under 30K: Your Ultimate Guide to Affordable Excellence in 2024

Exploring the Best: 8 Smartphones Under 30K in 2024. From powerful processors to stunning cameras, we dissect the top contenders to help you find your perfect match. Dive in and discover which device offers the best bang for your buck!

Samsung Galaxy S24: A Stellar Smartphone Spectacle!

“Dive into the tech symphony with Aaron Dsouza from masterofphones.in as he unravels the brilliance of the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S24. From cutting-edge features to real-world performance, this in-depth review is your gateway to the future of smartphones. Are you ready to embark on the Galaxy S24 journey?”

OnePlus 12: A 10-Day Adventure in Awesome Tech

In the fast-paced world of smartphones, the OnePlus 12 stands as a beacon of innovation. Masterofphones Aaron Dsouza dives deep into his 10-day journey with this cutting-edge device, unraveling its features and pushing its limits. From the sleek design to the powerhouse performance, join Aaron on this in-depth review as he uncovers the nuances that make the OnePlus 12 a true master of its domain.

Unleashing the Beast: Vivo iQOO 12 Review

“The IQoo 12, expertly reviewed by Aaron Dsouza, stands as a pinnacle of innovation and performance in the smartphone realm. Dsouza’s meticulous examination highlights the device’s seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and elegant design. From the stunning display that captivates with vibrant visuals to the powerhouse performance under the hood, the IQoo 12 earns its stripes as a true flagship contender. Dsouza’s insightful analysis delves into the intricacies, celebrating the device’s camera prowess, sleek build, and user-friendly interface. His review serves as a testament to the IQoo 12’s commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering an unparalleled smartphone experience.”


Google’s pixel 7 is one of the most affordable flagship phones out there in 2022, great build quality and one of the very best camera experiences of any blower out there, but if you’ve got a fair bit of cash stuffed in your mattress and you want to go supersized well the pixel seven pro […]

iPhone 14 pro, the best iPhone of the year- After 7 days of usage. Price in India, It’s features, most extraordinary screen, compactness & more.

INTRODUCTION iPhone 14 Pro it might not be the biggest update but is better . As you know it was announced on 7 of September and I was able to walk around, take pictures, texts, people pay for things with Apple Pay and nobody even blinked an eye because it looks exactly the same as […]

Samsung’s High End Phones of 2022 – Better than iphones 13 Pro Max? – Are these the best flagships in the Indian Market? –

When it comes to affordable smartphones, Samsung has been the most consistent launching not one but two foldable smartphones every year. And I note Z fold has been the more hyper portable out of the two, but Z flip has always had its own charm. And added a new Z flip has been launched I […]

MEDIATEK DIMENSITY 900 – Review – AnTuTu Score, New features, 5G connectivity, Battery life improvement, Optimisation & More – Results based on Samsung Galaxy M53 5G

This blog is all the about Media Tek Dimensity 900 soc and I feel this is a very good mid range chip in the market because for the price to performance that this chip offers I feel it is a very good chip and it is a pretty advanced chipset as you can see from […]

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Price in India

As smartphone lovers, we all know that the Samsung Galaxy S22 family is one of the most hotly-anticipated launches of 2022, it has been the subject of attention for many prying eyes – after so many rumours and leaks, there are only a few secrets left. The official launch is a few days away, but […]

iQOO 9: Launched in India, Price in India, Specifications, charging time & more

The IQOO 9 has arrived in India and this is the phone that’s targeting the OnePlus 9RT. You may think how? because, OnePlus is far ahead with its unique designs and improved tech compared to Vivo smartphones. Read the whole thing and you will get exactly what I’m trying to tell you about. IQOO 9 […]

IOS 15.4 BETA UPDATES – New features, pandemic update & more

In iOS 15.4 beta will Apple add the support for 120Hz refresh rate in all apps? Apple’s latest beast is iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max pride is 120Hz ProMotion displays, which are incredible according to me, but only a few apps support 120 frames per second. This isn’t a big hitch but yeah if […]


As you all know, OnePlus is one of the emerging smartphone brands in the market and since a decade it’s been providing quality smartphones to the customers. I personally like OnePlus devices because of their quality improvements in their smartphones.  Although they produce only above mid range or mostly flagship smartphones, they are also producing […]

SAMSUNG GALAXY M52 5G – Can it be considered in 2022?, SPECIFICATIONS, PRICE IN INDIA & MORE.

There are some magnificent older Samsung’s Galaxy series smartphones in the market which are really worthy if you buy them at this date also. We’ve already covered most of Samsung’s best smartphones last year and this may be one of the best Samsung Galaxy series smartphones as of now. This is a budget-friendly alternative that […]


After the big boy OnePlus officially confirmed that it won’t be bringing a T-series flagship smartphone all the smartphone buyers’ eyes are on the OnePlus 10 smartphone series that recently popped up on our radar. According to our sources, the OnePlus 10 smartphone series will be arriving in late January or early February next year(2022). […]


BBK ELECTRONICS is ready for its Reno 7 series launch, there won’t be a Reno 7 Pro Plus version, so instead, we may see a lower-end smartphone named Reno 7 SE. This leaves the Reno7 Pro on top of the Oppo series. Specifications Of OPPO RENO 7 Anyway, our research reports suggest that the Oppo […]

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