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After the big boy OnePlus officially confirmed that it won’t be bringing a T-series flagship smartphone all the smartphone buyers’ eyes are on the OnePlus 10 smartphone series that recently popped up on our radar. According to our sources, the OnePlus 10 smartphone series will be arriving in late January or early February next year(2022).

Like last year’s OnePlus flagships (OnePlus 9, 9Pro, the OnePlus 10 Pro should hit the streets at some point in the first half of the year – 2022, in this case.


More interesting is, though, we have some detailed specifications and renders of the OnePlus 10 Pro in this leak. Our research source claims that the design is final and it appears to be in sequence with the previous images we came across. According to our sources, this phone will have three rear cameras with a unique camera setup, and none of them is of the periscope zoom variety. This means the rather unorthodox triple-camera setup design on the back is confirmed.

With the triple camera setup, our source claims that the 10 Pro model will go up to the warp fast charging of 125W, which will charge the phone completely with the 5,000 mAh battery in just 20 minutes from no charge.


 The available colors that OnePlus chose at launch will be black, white and some variations of light blue.


OnePlus is working on its next top of the line smartphone, and some days ago we got our first look at it through a couple of leaked images purporting to show its design. And this time this phone’s design has impressed me quite a bit, it looks attractive mainly because of its unique camera hump.

Perhaps, We haven’t seen anything like it before, although the way the camera setup is held ‘turns’ into the frame is eerily reminiscent of what Samsung’s done this year for its Galaxy S21 series of devices. These leaks are said to be based upon real pictures of an early prototype, so keep that in mind as the design may be the same or it may change. All you have to do is wait till it gets launched officially.


This smartphone series will probably have the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ chipset which will be based on 5nm technology.

The base model is expected to have 8 Gigs of RAM and 128GB of storage, while the top end will come with 12GB of the former and 256GB of the storage. This looks pretty standard if you ask me. Unfortunately we don’t have any other information about the device, the information has been outed on this occasion, so stay tuned around and we’ll let you know when we find out more.


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