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Alright! It’s time for a gaming blog. Today I am going to tell you about some very interesting games after doing a lot of research. And I am going to tell you will find these games interesting and you’ll definitely enjoy playing them. Here are some of the top 5 underrated games whose size are less than 100MB. It wouldn’t matter even if you have a budget or a mid range smartphone, because the games I’m going to tell you about can be played on a phone which we get under 8 thousand rupees.

TOP – 5


It’s a fun multiplayer battle racing game which can be played to kill your time.

Battle Racing Stars is the new Halfbrick Studios game which attracts the audience who like to play smartphone games very often and to the children who like to play racing games.

You must race to be the first to reach the goal, by attacking other players you can slow them down and have lots of fun!


  • Free multiplayer races are available.
  • Race with your pals.
  • You can play quick games.
  • New events are available weekly.
  • You can customize your favorite runners and play with them.
  • Easy to play and lots of fun.

TOP – 4


This one is not exactly under 100MB, it is about 116MB in size, but it is a nice and addictive battle royale game. The graphics and storyline is similar to CODM and BGMI, but it is just about 116MB in size. I was greatly surprised with it’s graphics. When i got to know about it’s size, i thought it wouldn’t be much of an experience, but the gameplay and graphics are great at this size.

Even if you have an underpowered phone of about 5 thousand rupees or 6 thousand, you will have fun playing this battle royale game. Thanks to Mad Gunz.


  • Far from realistic, but super beautiful pixel game graphics.
  • Fight on the maddest battle grounds of online shooter game
  • Easy controls, dynamic battles, wild enemies, total mayhem are here in this game.

TOP – 3


This is a physics based game, so you’ll have to do some calculations. I have this game on my smartphone and I play it often as well. The storyline of this game is very interesting, your teammates have been hacked and you have to release them.

Being a physics based game, you get a ball by which you have to kill and survive throughout which is the overall idea or strategy behind this game.

It has about 160 levels and after the first few levels it starts getting difficult. But the game is definitely fun and addictive.


  • Enter the world of hackers.
  • Control your core to defeat enemies and get to the end.
  • The game consists of 160 levels with different enemies and different traps for you to challenge.

TOP – 2


It’s a multiplayer car racing game, the cars and gameplay do look like they are derived from vintage games.

Being a multiplayer game, you can race with others to win. Graphics are good as it allows you to change lanes, overtake, collect coins etc. It’s an interesting game and it’s size is less than 100Mb. If you like racing games, then you can definitely try this one out.


  • Drift, jump, blast off with boosters, and reach the finish line in one piece!
  • Personalize your cars with different skins.
  • Complete your collection of Muscle cars, Monster trucks, Rally cars, Hot rods and more.

TOP – 01


This is an arcade game, where you get to ride a bike and avoid the bombs that fall ahead in the game.

You can also collect more health and power ups which you can use to shoot the other players in the game. Basically it’s a combination of shooting, racing and arcade gameplay. This one is good, addictive and the size of this game is also less than 100MB.


  • Multiplayer game modes with their challenges and goals.
  • Many characters are available.
  • Daily challenges.
  • Shoot enemies while driving.


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