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IOS 15.4 BETA UPDATES – New features, pandemic update & more


In iOS 15.4 beta will Apple add the support for 120Hz refresh rate in all apps?

Apple’s latest beast is iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max pride is 120Hz ProMotion displays, which are incredible according to me, but only a few apps support 120 frames per second. This isn’t a big hitch but yeah if every app supported the 120 Hz refresh rate it would have been magnificent. Mostly system apps at that. A couple of days ago some rumours were spread. With the upcoming iOS 15.4 software, Apple is adding support for all apps to make use of the buttery-smooth experience. It’s worth noting that iOS 15.4 is currently in beta.

Currently in India, iOS 15.4 is still in beta and the information to us comes from a developer saying that he got the news from “someone at Apple”. He posted a screenshot as proof.

It looks like Apple was able to squash the Core Animation bug that wouldn’t allow animations to go 60 fps and beyond. However, we are still not sure about the confirmation, if all apps will run at 120 frames per second automatically or if some developers would need to tinker with the code of their apps as well.

Does Face ID work with a mask on iOS 15.4 Beta, no Apple Watch required for fast unlock – Is Face ID recognition being improved?

Ever since this Covid pandemic began in the world, one of the biggest pain points of using an iPhone became not being able to unlock with Face ID due to all the mask wearing that we’re doing and this will definitely continue for another 10 years for sure. Apple genius eventually made Face Identification very compatible with wearing a mask, this is very convenient when you are travelling or while doing some important work but the big limitation was that an Apple Watch which is very costly compared to other smartwatches needed to be authenticated and connected so that a partial face match would be possible.

Most fascinating thing is that, one of the newest features recently discovered by Mr. Butch on the latest iOS 15.4 beta version is the ability to use partial Face ID that would be useful when wearing a mask or the other stuff, except it no longer requires you to have an Apple Watch connected. This saves you some money, if you are okay with purchasing an Apple watch then you must definitely do that because no other smartwatches even comes close to its features and compatibility. Even with a mask or a helmet with a transparent glass, Face ID can be used for Apple Pay, App Store downloads, and third-party apps. This is good news to the Apple iphone users.


Face ID is most accurate when it’s set up for full-face recognition only. To use Face ID while wearing a mask, the iPhone can recognize the unique features around the eye to authenticate. You can set up Face ID with or without a mask on and if you opt for the mask-on setup, you don’t have to wear one during setup. Setting up in both ways may help you for not facing any sort of difficulties.

Our sources say that the new iPhones with iOS 15.4 beta have improved recognition when a user is wearing glasses as well. The real issue comes only when the user is wearing sunglasses or tinted black glasses through which your eyes aren’t visible from outside.

Users still may have to take some sunglasses off while using the Face ID only when wearing a mask, otherwise this isn’t an issue. Though most eyeglasses should work just fine. You can set up a Face ID to recognize each pair of glasses you wear on a regular basis. This makes us feel that the technology is improving very quickly as the days are passing.

How did the giant Apple gain 165 million subscribers last year? Cook says Apple is “investing accordingly” to metaverse. 

During Apple’s latest financial earnings call, Apple showed that it had gained 165 million subscribers in the last year. Subscribers or the customers are counted across all services that Apple offers including iCloud, iMusic, Arcade, and Apple TV and many more. Apple CFO and Senior VP Luca Maestri says the growth was because of all the hard-work and dedication which was practised by each and every employee of the company.

Apple now has 785 million paid consumers and the company has gained 165 million in the last year

During the conference, when asked about Apple’s involvement with the metaverse, Tim Cook’s answer was that the company is interested and has already invested with its commitment to AR. He didn’t, however, use the particular word “metaverse” in his answer. “We’re a company in the business of innovation”, says Tim. “we have over 14,000 AR apps in the App Store,”.

Mr. Cook has definitely noticed that great potential in the metaverse space and that the company is “investing accordingly”. Apple has long shown interest in AR since its addition of LiDAR hardware on their one year old iPhones that is iPhone12 Pro and on the later iPad Pro models.


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