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MEDIATEK DIMENSITY 900 – Review – AnTuTu Score, New features, 5G connectivity, Battery life improvement, Optimisation & More – Results based on Samsung Galaxy M53 5G


This blog is all the about Media Tek Dimensity 900 soc and I feel this is a very good mid range chip in the market because for the price to performance that this chip offers I feel it is a very good chip and it is a pretty advanced chipset as you can see from the above image it does offer a lot of things for example it has a 108 megapixel camera support, 120Hz refresh rate and also it is based on 6 nanometer process and having the powerful arm cortex a78 and also has lot of AI features and of course has the 5G support.

 In fact this chipset also actually has the media tek hyper engine 3, which is actually great for gamers. because these days a lot of people are doing online gaming with fps and if you are on the cellular network this chipset actually detects which cell tower is having the lowest latency so that you can get better pings and if you guys recall recently the SAMSUNG GALAXY M53 was launched and this is powered by mediatek  dimensity 900 chip

 I feel samsung is actually taking advantage of a lot of the advanced features that this chipset offers. To give you a brief idea about the M53 which has a 6,7 inch screen and it comes with 6 or 8 gigs of ram, also you can double the ram, ram plus option is also on this device. The storage support provided is UFS 2.2, this phone supports 5G connectivity, you can insert two nano sims and a micro sd card too. 12 bands of 5G are supported.

If I brief you about the camera, it has a quad camera setup, 108 MP (f1.8), that is 8MP Ultrawide +2MP Depth +2MP Macro. The front camera is 32MP.

Phones battery is 5000mAh, which supports 25W Fast Charging)

SAMSUNG GALAXY M53 comes with the latest Android 12 with OneUI 4.1. This phone also has those extra features that Samsung provides in their smartphones like Knox Security, Samsung Pay Mini etc.

Now let us speak about some of the features of this chipset using the SAMSUNG GALAXY M53 as an example.

by Aaron D’souza

BENCHMARK TEST RESULTS – Based on Samsung Galaxy M53

The first thing that I would like to and of course you would also like to know is what is the performance of this Media Tek Dimensity 900 soc. When I ran the benchmark test on this device, the score I got on AnTuTu was 435172. As you can  see this is a very good score because for the midrange pricing of this chipset it is average.

I also tested some other benchmarks, you can also run it so that you know the idea. On wildlife I  got a score of 2196. It is also concerned with gaming. This is a very good score I would say.

On Geekbench 5, the score surprised me because I got a score of 631 on a singlecore. It is a very respectable score, in multicore I got a score of almost 2000, the score was 1998.

In benchmarks the chipset is performing very well, another thing I liked about this chipset is that though it is a powerful chipset in fact it does not heat up that much. The chipset is based on a 6nm process. The M53 also has vapor cooling, so even for gaming, this phone is pretty good.

CAMERA PERFORMANCE – Results Based On Samsung Galaxy M53

The main camera is 108MP  and this Dimensity 900 actually has support for 108MP  camera, in fact the MediaTek Dimensity 900 has very powerful imaging technologies and AI processing and in fact I feel Samsung is actually taking advantage of that, the 108MP camera takes some good pictures as you can see in the below images, these were taken with SAMSUNG GALAXY M53, skin tones are reflected good, in fact it is utilizing the AI.

Some of the other features that not many people know about, again it is all based on AI enhancement and stuff which is actually pretty important is photography.

Shot on Samsung Galaxy M53 5G
Shot on Samsung Galaxy M53 5G
Shot on Samsung Galaxy M53 5G
Shot on Samsung Galaxy M53 5G

Lets know about the image remastering and in the gallery app you can enhance the dull and low light shots by clicking on the remaster option provided in the gallery. It actually does the AI analysis and in a couple of seconds it enhances the image brightness and other stuff. This happens pretty fast on this smartphone, thanks to the AI processing.

Another thing that I liked is that, this can be a saver for your pics. In fact, there is an image object eraser option from which you can erase the person or the thing to enhance the quality of the background. Some of the AI enhancements that they have done in the camera section impressed me.

SCREEN REFRESH RATE – Results Based on Samsung Galaxy M53

The phone which I tested has an good quality AMOLED screen and supports 120Hz refresh rate, which the chipset also supports and in fact even at the 120Hz it is very fluid  experience, it is good to see SAMSUNG is putting 120Hz refresh rate on this one which the chipset actually supports.

When you take calls on the Samsung Galaxy M53 they actually have the function called voice focus and it is useful in noisy environments. In the outdoor environment when you are taking a call, what it does is intelligently based on AI and other algorithms, it focuses on your voice minimizing the background noise.

GAMING – Results based on Samsung Galaxy M53

This chipset is pretty good on this, I just played some games like Call Of Duty, Asphalt 9 Legends ect, even in the very high settings, it played very fluidly without any lags or frame drops. Even after the extended gaming I played for three hours continuously, the back of the phone was not getting hot at all on Samsung Galaxy M53 because it had that vapour chamber.

MEMORY EXTENSION FEATURE – Based on Samsung Galaxy M53

One thing that Samsung has introduced on this Galaxy M53 is that it comes in two variants as I told you, 6 gigs of ram and 12 gigs of ram. I actually used the basic 6GB ram variant to test the chipset.

In the phones settings, in the memory section, you will come across the ram plus(+) option, you can extend the ram, you will get to see three options 2GB, 4GB and 6GB, so you can actually theoretically double the ram you want, as I said I used the 6GB ram variant, now if I just select the 6GB of extended ram, I can have 12 gigs of ram and similar thing applies to every other variant.


As the MediaTek dimensity 900 chipset supports 5G, the SAMSUNG GALAXY M53 also supports 5G connectivity. One thing that I really liked about the Media Tek Dimensity 900 is how power efficient this chipset is based on the 6 nanometer process and it is a very power efficient chipset. As I noticed, the idle battery is very low. this smartphone also has 5000mAh battery and it gets excellent battery life, you get easily about one and a half to two days and I think because how efficient this dimensity 900 chipset is. In terms of battery life you get very good battery backup with the Media Tek 900 soc.


I really appreciate that Samsung has experimented with the Media Tek Dimensity 900 in their newly launched smartphone before others. I feel that they have taken a good advantage  of a lot of features that the chipset actually supports. If you guys who are reading this have any other suggestions or any other amendments to be done regarding the opinions email me.

PRICE OF THE Samsung Galaxy M53.

This phone is being priced between 26K inr and 30K inr. You can purchase it via online stores or through Samsung’s official website.

NOTE : The pricing published on masterofphones.in is meant to be used for general information only. While we monitor prices regularly, the ones listed above might be outdated sometimes. We also cannot guarantee these are the lowest prices possible so shopping around is always a good idea.


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