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WWE 2K which is formerly known as the WWF or WWE SmackDown series / SmackDown vs Raw, or simply the WWE game series, is a series of professional wrestling sports simulation games developed by YUKE’s, Visual Concepts and published by 2K studios since 2000.

In this very blog I am going to review WWE 2K in brief and am going to give you a link to download this game. WWE 2K was removed from the Playstore a couple of years before because WWE has had the Wrestling Revolution app removed from Google Play and  mobile app store after it turned to become the most downloaded and highly-rated wrestling game on Android. But this WWE 2K is still available on IOS devices i believe.


The world of professional wrestling is a fast moving one for yesterday’s champs to beat today’s chumps. WWE 2K on android smartphones is proof of that just some years removed from WWE 2K 14 which delivered the most comprehensive rosters the deepest history and the biggest creation suite to date WWE 2K’s old generation version takes significant steps backwards in each of those areas.


The old generation WWE games such as WWE ‘12, WWE’13, WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain…doesn’t have most of the new generation additions. You may have heard about the revamped more realistic match spacing is nowhere tobe found here. However the addition of a momentum meter is much appreciated, since it removes the guesswork as to when signatures and finishers become available aside from that.


It’s the same standard high speed action that’s become common place for the franchise over the last few years. The old combat engine isn’t inherently bad mind you when it comes to standard matches with two to four combatants. It’s certainly enjoyable little bit too reliant on timing reversals.

However when it comes to five or six man matches where everyone is in the ring at once the fast paced fighting ceases to approximately anything resembling an actual wrestling match. The 2K showcase mode is the biggest chunk of new content in WWE 2K and while it isn’t quite the nostalgia form that 2K 14’s 30 years of WrestleMania was.


WWE 2K provides a mostly comprehensive look at two major feuds the Triple H, Shawn Michaels rivalary that ran from 2002 to 2004 and the CM Punk, John Cena feud that kicked off the motion reality era in 2011.

There’s a handful of throwaway DQ and no contest finishers that probably didn’t need to be included and the complete lack of WrestleMania bouts like CM Punk Vs The Undertaker or Triple H Vs Booker T is sad overall though 2K showcase offers a decent amount of nostalgia with just a little bit of pointless filter.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said about who got NXT mode. It’s basically a list of for historical matches for each of the five and NXT roaster members in WWE 2K.

The cluster is lost when you consider that only two of tge group are still in the developmental league where 2K showcase managed to shine a light on matches.

The bigger issue however is the most difficulty spice. There’s not set difficulty for who got NXT, so some trickier objectives like winning a ladder match without letting your opponent touch the title or pulling off a move that requires three storage finishers are tougher than they have any right to be.


Both showcase and NXT modes occasionally fail to acknowledge when you’ve completed an objective which adds to the frustration with 10 to 20 superstars including Bad News Barrett Batista Big Show Bray Wyatt Brock Lesnar Cesaro Daniel Bryan Dean Ambrose Hulk Hogan John Cena Kane Randy and many more but tgere are no managers or divasin the game. WWE 2K roster is the smallest nears what new characters have been added generally look pretty good particularly Lesnar, Bray Wyatt and the NXT superstars.

Little has been done to fix older characters though, though Santino still looks likr he’s come back from root canal surgery and Dolph Ziggler’s mouth remains twice the size of a nornal human one.

Collison detection is worse than ever so expect even more Physics defying Lin’s wepons and ropes on the bright side announcing outside of who got NXT is improved. The WWE universe mode does have expanded story options that you can unlock and assign to rivalries but since they are still pantomimes it’s a poor alternative to community creations.

WWE 2K is like seeing Brock Lesnar go from breaking the Undertaker’s streak to losing against Hornswoggle during the pre – show in back to back WrestleMania.


To run the game you require a smartphone with minimum 1GB ram.


  • To install WWE 2K you first need to download and install an application named ACMARKET.
  • Click on download for Android
  • Click on App Link 1
  • After installing ACMARKET, Open it.
  • Search for WWE 2K in the search bar at the top.
  • Download this file.
  • After downloading it you can play WWE 2K in your smartphone. The game size is 627MB but make sure that 1GB memory is free on your smartphone.

If game doesn’t run then you need to check weather your downloaded file is moved or pasted to OBB file of Android folder.


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