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CRICKET 07 FOR ANDROID – Ultimate Review, 100% working Android version, link provided

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EA Cricket 07 is not just a game, it’s a symbol of a much simpler world. This game was launched for PC’s and Playstations long back. It’s a good game but is it as great as we remember it? Let’s review the game first and then I’ll provide a link to download a similar cricket game which closely resembles Cricket 07.


What made the game so memorable? Or Was it an average game?

This game was the best game then and now many other high graphics games have taken over it. As kids some of us have surely played this game on our laptops or computers and found it to be amazing.

Gameplay of this game proves that simple things can be great.


Cricket 07 has a very party feel to it, the crowd is always loud, the commentators are filled with excitement and full of energy. The first thing you will notice in this game is after opening the game is the iconic EA Sports intro and immediately after the intro there are some absolutely wonderful sound tracks consisting of some Indian songs with western music.

Every song is memorable and anyone who has played this game in the past on computers or Playstation for any length of time will probably know every song’s lyrics.

The game had so many modes in it such as quick match, test series, Ashes and many more about which is briefly written in the following paragraphs.


EA Cricket 07 is a game that will always have the benefit of being looked at with rose tinted glasses. This was the last cricket game made by EA for computers.

EA was a huge developing company in those days. Nostalgia makes us think even in 2021 that this good game is the greatest game of cricket ever made but who knows maybe it’s true.

When this game was launched for bigger platforms, most of the people had computers then because there were no developed smartphones which could provide the gaming experience as of computers. So this game became very popular.


This game has decent graphics, it doesn’t look great but it looks good enough. There are few bugs in this mod but it’s astonishing that the original game which was launched for computers and Playstations had no bugs which were noticeable.

Nowadays most of the cricket games are providing real players face and actions in the game to make the game look interesting. When this game was launched in 2006 there were no such technologies to make the players face accurate as real but somehow EA developers had managed to make some players face similar. This was one of the best features of Cricket 07.

This modded version of Cricket 07 for Android has the very similar graphics to the PC version and if you are a cricket fan you’ll surely like the mod.


Mark Nicholas & Richie Benaud

Sports games have always been criticized for having robotic commentary but you won’t find that problem here in Cricket 07.

Who can forget the commentary of the legendary Mark Nicholas and Richie Benaud. These two commentators were so good and even though the commentary got repetitive, hearing them was never boring.

In those days they were star commentators and still they are remembered as the legendary commentators in the history of cricket. The commentators in this game were full of energy and it made the gameplay more amazing.

Some lines of the commentary are inaccurate a lot of times like if you play the ball to the leg side the commentators will be like “pushed to the offside”. But you won’t get annoyed by this because of some other good things in the commentary.

Ashes Tournament

This game has an Ashes mode where you could either replay different situations from the past Ashes series (2005). You have to complete different tasks like scoring a 100 or stretching 100 in an opening partnership.

Some bowling objectives were interesting, you could play the entire Ashes series either in Australia or in England. I really recommend you to play this mode with a friend online because it differs a lot when playing with a human opponent and the computer. Playing online with your pals is so much fun and you can play online multiplayer in this Android mod version too.

Cricket 07 Vs New Android Cricket games

You could play through a world championship or a world series and I always pick two or three teams and try to make them win. The huge difference between today’s cricket games and cricket 07 is that today’s cricket games don’t have that feel in them while playing. Cricket 07 has that emotion in each shot that most of today’s cricket games don’t have.

Team selection was fascinating in Cricket 07 games, teams had so many players to choose from. Even recent mobile cricket games like Real Cricket 20, World Cricket Championship 2, World Cricket Championship 3 don’t have many options compared to Cricket 07.


Batting in this game isn’t complicated or tough. In the computer while playing this game you need to just press the arrow buttons to where you want to play the ball and that’s it. If you want to loft the ball, you have to press some other key. You could set footwork to manual but even that was simple.

Batting in this Android mod is also pretty simple, you just have to swipe in the direction where you want to hit the ball, and if you wanna loft the ball you have to simply press onto the loft button. isn’t it simple?

Batting in this game can be picked up instantly and even on the highest difficulty the game isn’t that hard. But for some reason, I can’t point out why one can play the game hundreds of times if not thousands of times and still find batting to be engaging and fun.

Some shots look very real and some shots are overpowered. The flick shot is my favorite in this game, every flick will get you two runs for sure. Small things like when you connect it perfectly the sound of the ball hitting the bat is like melody for a true cricket lover.


Bowling in this game is a bit tough i would say because it takes time to make a player out. Bowling can be extremely frustrating and taking wickets is like a nightmare especially with fast bowlers.

I am actually not talking about using tricks like the out swingers on a leg stump will get you a lot of balls. Great bowlers like Glenn McGrath had a lot of variations like slower balls, swinging yorkers, seamy bouncers, cutters and more. Bowling all these different deliveries was great, forming plans to deceive the batsmen.

Spinners are even better in Cricket 07. As a batsman I always like to play against spinners. Especially in test and one day cricket matches with so many fielders around the back.

Bowling with them is also so enjoyable seeing how much you can turn the ball and spinners had fun variations like Googly, Doosra, sliders, flight and top spin deliveries.

It is so much fun if you are playing against a human because then those tricks which j mentioned earlier won’t work and you have to bowl good deliveries.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD – Cricket 07 game download for android

This is the modded version of Cricket 06 as i mentioned already. To play this game you first need a PPSSPP emulator and a file manager to extract files. This game runs only on the emulator.

  • To download the PPSSPP emulator, click on the button below blue and it will take you to the Playstore.
  • To download PPSSPP Gold emulator for free click on the below golden button
  • I recommend you to download an application named Zarchiver for extracting files.
  • I recommend you to download the PPSSPP Gold emulator because it has its own benefits. PPSSPP Gold emulator is a paid app on Playstore but you can download it for free by clicking on to the above golden button.
  • To download the Cricket 07 – Android version click on the below button
  • You need to just download the game file by clicking on to the direct download link.
  • If your device won’t support the game, you’ll be unable to download the game file.
  • After downloading the game file, locate the file in Zarchiver and extract the file. Then you’ll find another file inside the extracted file which must be also extracted.
  • After extracting both files you’ll find a PSP file.
  • Following these procedures properly is must and after all this just open the emulator and find the file in the folder where you had extracted the game files. The game will be available in that file, to play it just click on the game.


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