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OPPO A53s 5G

Unboxing and Overview with some camera samples.

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Today we are going to review and share my thoughts about newly launched OPPO smartphone that is OPPO A53s 5G. This is the most affordable 5G smartphone as of now in India. This phone has the decent quality which mid range phones have but, we can’t expected so much from these devices and we cant just compare the performance of the flagship phones with these because, flagship phones cost almost double than these smarphones. The thing i wanted to tell you guys was that in the past years we knew OPPO brand as one of the smartphone brands which launched only camera centric smartphones (where canera of the Smartphone was the main highlight) but, now they have started to look into the improvement in the performance of the phones which is a very good improvement by the brand i would say. Mostly OPPO smarphones are affordable because this brand launches mainly mid range smarphones, but i dont say that they don’t launch flagships, they do but mostly they foucus on to their mid range smarphones. This phone is for the people who prefer 5G phones with decent price.


  • if we look at the box of OPPO A53s 5G we get to see the box which is pretty simple with OPPO branding on it and the main highlight here is that this phone has 5G connectivity.
  • This phone has 5G connectivity with 5, 5G bands. Yes this is one the very good thing we have in this smartphone.
  • On the box at the top left edge they have highlighted that this phone comes with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of Storage, actually this is basic varient, another varient comes with 8GB of RAM with 128GB of Storage.
  • If we open the box after breaking the seals we get to see a layout which is olain white on which brand name OPPO is highlighted.
  • Inside the box there are no lots of papers but we get a warrenty guide and a manual.
  • We get a sim ejector tool inside the box as usual.
  • We get a transparent TPU case inside the box which is transperent and the case is of good quality i would say because many of the brands don’t provide this type of quality cases.
  • The phone inside the box is wrapped formally with a protective cover.
  • Apart from the phone we get a type A to type C cable.
  • We get a power brick which looks huge guys but this is a normal basic charger of 10W , 5V output, 2A.


  • This phone has a decent build quality.
  • Back of the phone is made up of polycarbonate plastic but, it sort of resists the finger prints on the back.
  • This smartphone comes in these following colours.
  • There is a OPPO branding in the back at bottom right side of the device.
  • There is a TRIPLE CAMERA SETUP at the back and nothing fancy guys, just the normal thing ehich we get to see in OPPO devices.
  • The phone is not too heavy guys, it has a decent weight of 200g.
  • At the top of the phone you get to see nothing, it’s just plain.
  • At the right side of the phone there is a power on off button with fingerprint is embedded in it. So we get to see the side mounted fingerprint scanner in this phone. Generally in OPPO devices the fingerprint scanner works quite fast and in this phone also it works brilliant, i would say. You can just unlock the phone by placing your finger on the scanner no need to press it.
  • At the bottom of the phone there is a speaker grill, type C port for charging, main microphone and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.
  • At the left side of the phone there is a volume rocker and a sim tray.
  • Regarding the sim tray we get that triple slot in which dual nano sims and a micro sd card could be fitted. They have provided this micro sd card slot since the internal storage is 128GB. I really appreciate this because we not get a triple slot in all midrange smartphones.
  • This device has the screen of 6.62″ which has the resolution of 720p, HD+, IPS LCD screen. My opinion is they should have gone with FHD+. But I can understand by looking at price point we must compromise is this case.
  • This phone has a 5000mAh battery with 10W charger inside the box.


  • This OPPO A53s 5G comes in two varients 8GB + 128GB (UFS 2.2) & 6GB + 128GB (UFS 2.2) The great thing is that the base varient also comes with 128GB of storage. REAL ME 8 5G also comes at same price as OPPO A53s but the thing is that it comes with 4GB of RAM not 6GB.
  • This device is powered by new MEDIATEK DIMENSITY 700 (Octa-core, 5G) This is the DIMENSITY 700 and, this is the new lineup of processors with 5G
  • This phone supports 5G connectivity, as this is actually having a dual 5G chipset it has 5, 5G bands support as mentioned on the box, which is a great thing because, many other brands are giving one or two 5G supporting bands on their smartphones.
Behind the box you can find this 5G info
  • Viewing angles are nice on this Smartphone. The screen is adequately pretty bright.
  • Junkware is present in this phone but not bucket load of junkware. Many unnecessary apps like SNAPCHAT, BOOKING KING.COM were pre-installed but, you can uninstall them easily.
  • Many useful apps like FACEBOOK, AMAZON PRIME were also pre-installed, thats a nice thing.
  • Now we get to see that google page if we swipe left from the home screen, OPPO is trying to make their OS closer to stock android experience feel. So I like this latest COLOUR OS 11.
  • If we look at the storage we get 111GB free from 128GB.
  • The gaming performance of this OPPO A53s 5G is also awesome. This gaming test was performed by playing COD on this device, the Max graphics we couy set was MEDIUM , with high FRAME RATE. The game ran very smoothly without any lag, this phone handles the heavy games fine but, the phone was heated slightly after 3 games (20 mins)


MODEL – A53s, 5G




  • There is a TRIPLE CAMERA SETUP, It is very basic since this phone isn’t a camera centric smartphone.
  • Main camera is 13MP.
  • There is a 2MP + 2MP for depth and macro shots respectively.

I feel they should have given the wide angle lens instead of that 2 + 2MP cameras. But yeah thats what we get.

  • The front facing camera is 8MP.

The thing is that we don’t get a very good camera clarityin this device, when potrait photos are clicked we can notice that over smoothning of images and in artificial lighting conditions the camera does a ok job but not a very good job, in artificial lighting also we can notice the slight softness in images and i would say thats not impressive. The normal camera clicks are ok in clarity.


  • 6GB + 128GB – 14999/-
  • 8GB + 128GB – 16999/-

Link to buy OPPO A53s 5G


These are some of the sample shots taken with the rare facing and front facing camera of OPPO A53s 5G.



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