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POCO X5 – PRO – Review after a day of throttling usage – Indian price included in the blog.


The brand new Poco X5 Pro,I used this for a day and I found it to be a pretty good device. But there’s one big deal breaker. Actually there’s two deal breakers, one is going to affect you right away and the other one is going to affect you in the long run. 

What is good about Poco X5 Pro 

 My favorite thing about the Poco X5 Pro is it comes with the Snapdragon 778 G and if you follow Xiaomi, you must have known that Xiaomi launched the Redmi Note 12 Pro speed edition in China and that did not arrive in India. But this is actually it. The Poco X5 Pro is basically the Redmi Note five pro speed edition rebranded for India. And that’s not a bad thing.

778G Vs Competition 

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The Poco X5 Pro brings a Snapdragon 778 chipset, which a lot of people like for the consistency and reliability and also for the fact that it just makes sense at 20 to 23k which is the ultimate price for this phone.

 I say that because it’s performance and benchmark scores are higher than the dimensity 1080 chipsets and it’s higher than the Snapdragon 695 as well, that powers a lot of phones in the 19 to 20k pricing. And also because every Snapdragon 777G phone I’ve used in the past has had very solid performance and very good battery life. 

The X5 Pro also feels very smooth to use and the gaming performance is also good in the couple of games that I tried. So I’m honestly not worried about the performance here and it should be solid. So the Snapdragon 778G is one of the big reasons why I like this phone and I also like the fact that Xiaomi has not cut any corners when it comes to other features.

Good Display? 

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 The AMOLED panel on the Poco X5 Pro is very similar to the one you get in the Redmi Note 12 Pro Series. I mean it’s 10 bit with 120 hertz refresh rate, 100% DCI-p3 and it has Dolby Vision support so it’s a high quality AMOLED panel and I did notice that when I was using the phone, the display was smooth and touch response was good.

 It’s fairly bright for outdoor usage movies and shows look great on this vibrant screen. Also like a lot of phones this does show the HDR and Dolby Vision tag and Netflix. So the display quality is good. 

Fascinating design? 

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 Another big thing to note here is that there’s no chin here. I mean the bezels are symmetrical all around and I also liked the whole design of the phone. It is very boxy with flat sides, I had used the yellow variant which has a lot of character in it. I mean the device is very POCO like and it looks subjective, but this whole contrast between yellow and black, the yellow power button, the slimming effect on the back I kind of dig it, even though it’s all plastic. It feels really good in the hands too because it only weighs 181 grams.

 If you’re wondering, the phone does have the headphone jack, it also has the IR blaster, the fingerprint scanners on the side in the bulky that goes to your speakers and it has Gorilla Glass five on the front. This whole design is IP 53 rated. The one thing missing is the microSD slot.


The main camera is upgraded from the Poco X4 Pro. There is a 108 megapixel main camera along with the usual eight megapixel sensor and a two megapixel one. I mostly tested the 108 megapixel version with two sensors and it does seem to take very good photos. I mean in daylight the photo which comes out is very very good with sharp photos and very good and I also like that it does not boost the colors or anything.

 It’s not always perfect when there’s a lot of lights but under it’s fairly good with good colors and almost no noise in shorts. The phone also supports 4k video recording but it does not have OIS unlike the Note 12 Pro phones, the front cameras the usual 16 megapixel sensor that we see in a lot of phones and it takes pretty good selfies, I did not find any issues with the front facing camera. 

Battery & Charging

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The battery is 5000 mAh and there’s a very fast 67 Watt charger which charges the device quickly. I cannot tell about the battery life because I have used this phone only for a day. But I can assure you that this can be a 1 day phone because it has a large battery capacity. 

What is disappointing about Poco X5 Pro

  •  The first deal breaker is the fact that the Poco X5 Pro comes with seven 5g India bands and there’s actually one Indian 5g band missing that is N77 band which actually is very important since it’s a high frequency band that will be used by all operators in metro cities. This is actually strange because all the new phones launching right now have all the Indian 5g bands.
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  • The second deal breaker is that this is the first phone with miui 14 in India and when I saw to miui 14 logo first, I was excited because I thought it may have new features, new improvements but that was not to be seen 
  •  It is the new miui 14 but there is actually nothing new. You get the miui14 wallpapers, the new icon and settings but that is all everything else is the same old same old bloatware apps same class lock screen.
  •  A few days ago, Xiaomi launched the first look of MIUI 14 but, the problem is none of those new features are part of this new miui 14 build on the Poco X5 Pro, but miui 14 is not the real problem. 
  • The real problem is the fact that this is based on Android 12 and the OS updates will practically go to Android 14 Whose beta is probably coming next month. Yeah, that’s not very good.

Pricing of Poco X5 Pro 

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 I think specs are also after the price is rumored to be launching, which is about 19,000 to 20,000 rupees. The problems are the deal breakers, this phone will get only two OS updates and a missing 5g band is not good. 

Both of these breakers are something that will affect the users in the long run. So that’s something Poco should really address. If you agree with me on this, make sure to forward this blog and support us with appreciative comments.  Thanks for reading, have a nice day.


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