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I have been actually testing my friends Realme 10 Pro+ for the last couple of days. I have experienced the phone and it’s usage and I’ll give you my opinion, what do I feel about it.

I would say, in a lot of aspects, I felt truly the Realme 9 Pro Plus was a better device than this one. Apart from the smartphone you also get a charger in the box and it is a fast charger ,that is actually a super vooc charger and charges the device very quickly. The smartphone supports a maximum of 60W fast charging and that is plenty I would say so, not a problem. And also you get this USB cable in the box as well.


The phones is very slim and with curved display, it’s very interesting because most of the phone’s with this price don’t have a curved screen. Another important thing is that the phone is very light in the hands and is very thin as well. Bow let’s dig into some more physical features. 


The screen looks brilliant on this device because it has an AMOLED screen, and curved. So again, in this range, generally we never used to get curved screen and it is actually a very good AMOLED screen that they have included in this phone.

The screens maximum refresh rate is 120 hertz, a proper 120 Hz screen I would say. The touch and scrolling is very smooth and also it has a PWM(Pulse Width Modulation) and it’s very high, so it does not flicker. People who are sensitive about this thing will be happy, I mean the screen is really good and I also like the fact that the phone is actually very very light actually it 173 grams and it does not feel heavy at all. 

About the fingerprint scanner on this phone, it has a indisplay fingerprint scanner and it works very fast and I had no problem with it.


The front of the phone looks really good, you get a curved screen. I am worried about the back panel of the phone because, they have the shiny pattern over it. I assume that most of the people now a days like glossy and shiny back on their phone but, personally I don’t like it, the reality is, it does not look that elegant, it looks cheap and in fact it’s a royal fingerprint magnet, you have to constantly wipe it every five minutes otherwise it attracts fingerprints like anything. 

The back is not made up of glass instead they have used plastic kind of material, personally I feel that they could have done a lot better job. I felt the realme 9 Pro Plus, which was launched last year had a much better back quality compared to this one. Its overall disappointing in case of the glossy back it has. 

The chasis are also actually made up of plastic. And it is accepted in this price range, many smartphones come with metallic chases in this price but yeah that’s what it is.

We do have a vent at the bottom of the phone for stereo speakers and it also has a secondary noise cancellation microphone, volume rockers, power on and off button and they give a good feel tactile.

As I mentioned it has a vent for the speakers at the bottom, but no 3.5 mm headphone jack. Another thing to note is that this phone does not have a micro SD card. Just two nano SIMS can be inserted. 

PROCESSOR (MT Dimensity 1080) & SOFTWARE 

The Realme 10 Pro Plus comes with the latest Media Tek Dimensity 1080 and according to me this is the successor to MediaTek dimensity 920 soc, because like the 920 soc this is also based on 6 nanometer process and hence because of that the battery life is also actually pretty good on this smartphone. I will say it’s a slight upgrade to the 920 chipset. If you compare with the Snapdragon chipsets, this is slightly close to about Snapdragon 778 SOC .

The thing which I liked was, when I scrolled into the about  phone settings, I was surprised to notice that this phone is running on the new realme UI version 4 and to my surprise this phone actually runs on android 13. 


Bugs that I noticed 

I was very happy that they’re bundling Android 13 but the disappointed thing is it contains a lots of bugs like while scrolling you can feel the lag and I got to see many shitty applications on this device which are pre bundled and you won’t believe the apps are very annoying in terms of notifications and the app contains sensitive content and that is the reason why I feel for elders and children this phone is inappropriate to use.

RAM modification feedback 

 Another  problem which I found out was its RAM, I actually used higher end variant with 8 gigabytes of RAM and I noticed the RAM boost in the device settings and that’s enabled by default. But, if I were you, I would just strictly disable it, you can actually enable it or disable it, just disable it to get the best performance in my frank opinion. 

Display – Refresh rate feedback 

Another thing to note is that, if you go to the display options – screen refresh rate, by default it will be set to auto. And I generally leave it on auto on most smartphones but, I noticed that when I was using it in auto refresh rate, the fluidity was not that much. I had to force it 120 Hertz to get the best fluidity. So again, some software optimizations have to be done. 

Unwanted Shitty apps loaded up inbuilt 

 The biggest problem that I have with this smartphone is, you get lots of advertisements or notifications of apps which are not necessary, and majority of the apps on this is actually bloatware.

 I understand many of the mid range phones have bloatware in them but, this is priced at about 45,000 and the amount of bloatware that this one has is just crazy. And apart from that they are also pushing something called known as hot apps. To be very frank while I was using the phone, I sometimes got some inappropriate notificatios, it actually shows some 18+ content related apps that I feel uncomfortable with this device.

These sort of senseless and inappropriate apps are actually baked into this, it also frequently actually sends you notifications as I mentioned before, most of the time I got senseless notifications related to poker, pool games, adult content etc. 

In terms of software and the amount of bloatware and junk and some of the shady apps that they’re bundling inside this one is just too much. This reminds me of the Xiaomi me UI that was about two and a half years ago and I used to bash them for the quality of software and the junk apps and now Realme is actually doing the same thing. Now Xiaomi has actually reduced that drastically if you look at their smartphone past one year, but looks like Realme is going the exact opposite way.


Back of the phone if you notice, you get to see only two cameras but, this phone has a triple camera setup, one circle of lens consists of a main camera, 108 megapixel, this is a Samsung GM SIX sensor and the second one houses the two cameras that’s ultra wide, 8megapixel and the 2 megapixel, macro.

Camera comparison with Realme 9 Pro +

The camera on this phone is very fascinating because last year’s Reame 9 Pro plus’s camera was a standout on that smartphone. The reason for that was they had the optical image stabilization in the camera. Sadly that is actually removed in this one.

 If you talk about the camera interface, it is the standard camera interface that you are getting. But one thing I noticed is that while I had my room lights on, the picture which I clicked had a very bright and clear image, but on low lights or in the artificially lighting, the pictures came out really bad..

This was one of the picture that I shot on Realme 10 Pro+

As you can notice, the lighting and the sharpness was not balancey accurately in this shot, It was actually caused because of the lack of OIS. 

And also if you look at the background it is completely blown out, the background is slightly blown out. But in potrait mode it does a very good job as you can notice in the picture below

This was clicked with the selfie camera which is 16 megapixel, this shot came out really good and in the portrait mode the shot came out good, but it does a very poor job in potrait processing I mean the blurness, as you can see the background has completely blown out in the portrait mode.

I did not do the video recording test on this device of the lack of time but I hope the video capturing is good on this smartphone, for this you can check YouTubers reviews. 

PRICING – Realme 10 Pro+

This phone comes in two variants. One is with 6 gigabytes of RAM and other is with 8 gigabytes. The device which I’ve used for reviewing  is a 8 gigabyte variant, and the 6 starts at about 25,000 and 1000 rupees more for the 8 gigabyte variant. 


Finally what I want to say is, the phone is really good in terms of appearance, build,  screen quality etc. Realme has done a great job with this one. It’s a very good AMOLED screen that they have put it is actually 120 hertz 10 bit panel, the quality is good enough, brightness that you won’t complain.

Sme people would like the curved screens which were being reserved for very higher end price more than a price more than 40,00 – 45,000 that brought it down here. So that way they have done a great job. 

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