Ever since in almost a quarter, it’s been all about Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, there’s been new news stories about Twitter every half an hour. People have been talking about Twitter on Twitter. Yeah, the whole tech industry right now is all about, you guessed it, Twitter. I mean, a lot has been going on people have been fired from the CEO to the staff to coal teams. There have been some big changes controversies. There’s Twitter is one big mess right now. But you know what? This is the new Twitter. Let’s check it out. 


The new Twitter is bringing a lot of changes to the Twitter we know and like but the biggest change comes to verification aka Bluetick. Until now the Twitter Bluetick was his influential uses only bit politicians, sports stars, entertainment figures, journalists, brands and organisations. The whole verification process will also slow and sometimes biassed. But that’s changing in a big way.

 From now on. It’s very simple. You get the Twitter blue subscription, and you get the blue tick. I’m not kidding. It’s that simple. For those who don’t know, the Twitter subscription has been around for quite some time in a few countries bringing additional features for $5 per month. But the new Twitter subscription costs $8 per month and gets you a blue tick. And it is coming to more countries. 

Elon Musk has already confirmed an Indian launch by hopefully the end of November. Also the price will be different in different countries, depending on the purchasing power. Basically, the thing to note here is that you can basically pay to get verified now you just get the subscription and you get the blue tick on your profile. 


Now you must be wondering, wouldn’t this help people who could just change the name to a politician or celebrity or a brand and then get the Twitter do subscription get the verified blue tick, and maybe scam people or spread fake news? I mean, this has already happened with mass with people creating multiple Elon Musk counts. And yeah, Elon must change to this policy to ban these users. But Twitter is also planning to introduce a “new grey checkmark” to public figures, brands, media outlets, etc. So basically, there’ll be two types of verified profiles now one with the blue take and the one actually verified profiles with the great, very confusing.


The new Twitter blue will also bring some more changes verified profiles, aka anyone who pays will also get priority replies. I mean, verified handles already get more priority through the verified notification channel. But Twitter is already testing moving the verified notification tab to appear as the default screen in the notification page. Also verify users will be prioritised in mentions and search and retweeted blue users will also see fewer ads and more relevant ones.

 Although when you pay, you can expect no ads, and then also be able to post longer videos. Right now blue users can post 10 minute videos and others can post videos of two minutes and 20 seconds. Apart from the Twitter blue changes, Musk has also announced a lot of other features coming to Twitter. There’s a new feature in the works to attach long text to screenshots instead of posting notepad screenshots. But isn’t this what threads are also Twitter launched a new notes feature sometime back in a few countries.

 It is also a promise of a better search experience on Twitter or new TweetDeck app. Better creative monetization and new content moderation council to better handle harassment and abuse of the platform. birdwatch Twitter’s crowdsource fact checking programme will also be improved, and its name changed to community notes. Yeah, I’m not a big fan either. Look, I know the new Twitter is bringing a lot of changes a lot of new features. But at the centre of it all, is the new verification programme, aka the new paid blue tick. But is it actually good for us to use it?

 See, I have my doubts. I say that because a blue tick on the internet on any platform is like a mark of reliability. You see it and you believe that this is a proper verified profile, and maybe maybe a reliable source. However, on the new Twitter, the blue tick actually means absolutely nothing. There will be people who will pay for the blue tick, and then use it to amplify agendas, spread fake news, or even scam people. I mean, yeah, there is the new great tick, but for a lot of people, it’s the blue tick, that actually means something.


 The new Twitter is basically Elon Musk playground. He’s just constantly throwing new information, announcing new features, and just hoping that maybe something sticks for the dollar blue take that the grey take and now there is a report about a “new paywall to use Twitter“, reportedly Deuter will be free to use for a limited time in a month after which we’ll have to pay to access it. 

Ultimately, it seems like no matter what happens, you will at the end of the day have to pay to use Twitter. And this might lead to a drop into the users see right now there’s actually no way of knowing what will happen to Twitter, it might become a more stable, more fun to use platform, or it might actually go dead in some time. Anyway, I want to know from you guys. Will you pay to use Twitter, comment below what you think?Share this blog to your loved ones and for more on the latest and greatest tech follow us on Instagram and Facebook

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